HDR Photography | Beautiful Paris


HDR Photography | Beautiful Paris HDR Photography | Beautiful Paris –  This residential street in Paris delivers a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. We found this street while exploring the 7th arrondissement a few weeks prior. After attempting to get this photo a few times without success, I decided to wait for a day when […]

4 Creative Looks in Lightroom | Mountain Sunset


4 Creative Looks in Lightroom 4 Creative Looks in Lightroom | Mountain Sunset  – This is a photo that I took just outside of Yellowstone National Park. As we were headed through Wyoming, we drove right through this beautiful mountain range. So beautiful in fact that we abandoned our plans for dinner and decided to […]

Landscape Photography | San Francisco Dreaming

San Francisco Dreaming Prestpro.com

Landscape Photography | San Francisco Dreaming Landscape Photography | San Francisco Dreaming – This beautiful beach is located on the west side of the Golden Gate Bridge (Marshall’s Beach) and it’s the perfect spot to capture waves in motion against this iconic backdrop! As I made my way down the cliff to the shoreline, I couldn’t […]

HDR Photography “Into the Sunset”

HDR Photography Into the Sunset Presetpro.com

HDR Photography “Into the Sunset” HDR Photography “Into the Sunset” – My wife and I were taking photos on the beach in Mexico one evening, when the perfect photo opportunity presented itself, as it sometimes does. Just as I was positioning myself in the center of this boardwalk to take a photo, a boy, fresh […]

Free Lightroom Preset “HDR Color”


Free Lightroom Preset “HDR Color” Download the Free Lightroom Preset “HDR Color” compliments of Presetpro.com. The “HDR Color” preset will give your photo a dynamic and colorful look. This Free Lightroom Preset is perfect for landscape and sunset photos where you need a little boost of vibrance!  Add some interest to your images with this beautiful […]

Landscape Photography – Surf’s Up Mexico

Landscape Photography Surf's Up Mexico Presetpro.com

Landscape Photography – Surf’s Up Mexico Landscape Photography – Surf’s Up Mexico. I took this photo a few weeks ago in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. To capture this image I had to employ a few different techniques to achieve the overall look. The first was to expand the tripod legs out low and wide so […]

HDR Photography – Sunset on the Grand Canal

HDR Photography - Sunset on the Grand Canal

HDR Photography – Sunset on the Grand Canal HDR Photography – Sunset on the Grand Canal. I took this photo from the Ponte dell’Accademia bridge that spans the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. If you want some of those classic shots of Venice, then check out this location. Only a short walk from where I […]

HDR Photography – Icelandic Landscape


HDR Photography – Icelandic Landscape HDR Photography – Icelandic Landscape. This photo is the product of one of those moments that we all have from time to time when we’re driving. The sun was setting and the clouds were too awesome to pass up, so I pulled over and took this shot. Actually, I had […]

HDR Photography – Positano Sunrise

HDR-Photography-Positano-Sunrise Tim Martin

HDR Photography – Positano Sunrise HDR Photography Positano Sunrise. The morning sunlight peaking over the jagged shoreline in Positano is one of those mental images that will stick with you far beyond your stay. I took this shot from one of the balconies along the main road in town. Positano has quickly become one of […]