Landscape Photography | Venice Beach


Landscape “Venice Beach” Here’s a photo that I took of a lifeguard tower in Venice Beach, California! I love the simplicity of this shot and it’s a classic example of the less is more approach. I processed the image to make it look like it was taken with black and white film. It reminds me […]

HDR Photography | Through The Trees

HDR Photography | Through The Trees HDR Photography | Through The Trees –  There is something hypnotic about the sunlight beaming through the trees. While hiking the redwood trails in California, a beam of light hit the forest and created this beautiful scene. I immediately broke out my tripod and started snapping. This photo has lots […]

Lightroom Film – China Town San Francisco

Lightroom Film Presets This is a quick shot that I snapped in China Town, San Fransisco, California. At night the streets are lit up by hundreds of these glowing lanterns and it creates a really neat atmosphere for photography. For the edit, I decided to use my Lightroom Film Presets. Check out the video below to see the Lightroom […]

Landscape Photography | Napa Valley


Landscape Photography | Napa Valley Landscape Photography | Napa Valley – While driving around Napa Valley, I came across this beautiful vineyard scene just in time for sunset. I pulled over and got straight to work setting up my tripod and prepping my camera for the shot. I decided to shoot right into the sun in order to create […]

Lightroom Film Emulation | California Surf


Lightroom Film Emulation | California Surf Film Emulation | California Surf – Venice Beach, California is the great place to capture surfers catching a few waves. Since it was an overcast day, my goal was to make the most of the soft light and focus my attention on the shoreline. I positioned myself at an angle […]

HDR Photography | Sunset Paradise

HDR Photography | Sunset Paradise HDR Photography | Sunset Paradise –  Whether it’s photographing a beautiful seascape or scuba diving an old shipwreck, the ocean has provided me with years of adventure. I love that there is this whole other world going on down there without us even knowing. Seascapes are quickly becoming one of my […]

Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss


Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss – You know that feeling you get when you’re in the right place at the right time and everything lines up perfectly in your shot? Well, that’s what I call photography bliss! While photographing the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, I decided to stay a little […]

HDR Photography | Redwood Cathedral

HDR Photography | Redwood Cathedral HDR Photography | Redwood Cathedral – This is a photo that I took in the Redwood Forest, which is located just outside of San Fransisco, California. While hiking one of the paths I came across this interesting gully. The light was shining through the giant redwoods creating the perfect opportunity to […]