The Best Free Capture One Styles in 2024

The Best Free Capture One Styles in 2024

Transform Your Photos with the Best Free Capture One Styles

As connoisseurs of the Best Free Capture One Styles in 2024, we understand how presets or styles can impact your photography. The presets we’ve handpicked can significantly elevate your photos’ quality, ambiance, and artistic flair, transforming standard shots into mesmerizing masterpieces. In this detailed guide, we’re thrilled to lead you through an expertly curated assortment of the top free Capture One Styles. You can see our professional Capture One Styles here.

1. Film Presets for Capture One

Fuji Astia Film Preset

Download the Free ‘Fuji Astia’ Capture One Style for a stunning film emulation effect. Experience natural color palettes reminiscent of classic slide film, enhanced with warm tones and vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. Perfect for photographers seeking a touch of nostalgia and vividness in their images.

Free Capture One Style Fuji Astia Before and After

Portra 800 Preset

Elevate your digital photography with the Free Capture One Style “Portra 800,” designed to mimic the iconic Kodak Portra 800 film stock. With just one click, this preset infuses your photos with warm tones, vibrant colors, and a subtle grain, replicating the timeless aesthetic of analog film.

Free Capture One Style Portra 800 Before and After

Chroma Preset

Free Capture One Style “Chroma” compliments of Are you looking for a Free Capture One Style that will give your photos a beautiful chroma film look? Look no further! This preset is perfect for all types of photography and makes it a top choice for 2024.

Bohemian Preset

The Bohemian preset was designed to give your images a faded, boho-inspired look. With warm, earthy tones and a soft, hazy feel, this style adds a touch of dreamy, vintage charm to your photos. It’s perfect for creating a laid-back, bohemian vibe, whether you’re shooting portraits, landscapes, or lifestyle shots.

Free Capture One Style Bohemian Before and After Presetpro

Polaroid Color Preset

Free Capture One Style “Polaroid Color” preset compliments of This beautiful preset is your ticket to recreating the iconic and beloved look of Polaroid’s popular instant color film. Designed to enrich your photos with vivid colors, deeper tones, and striking contrasts, “Polaroid Color” seamlessly blends the classic allure of vintage photography with the sophistication of modern photo editing.

Free Capture One Style Polaroid Color Before and After Presetpro

Agfachrome RSX Preset

Designed to replicate the classic look of the iconic Agfachrome RSX film, this preset adds a nostalgic touch to your photographs by rendering warm, saturated colors and distinct contrast reminiscent of the bygone film era. Ideal for enthusiasts seeking to infuse their digital shots with an old-world charm, the Agfachrome RSX Preset for Capture One not only simplifies your post-processing workflow but also revives the timeless beauty of film photography.

Free Capture One Style Agfachrome RSX Before After

Ektar Preset

Download the Free Capture One Style “Ektar 100” preset. This expertly crafted tool emulates the iconic Kodak Ektar film, a 35mm color negative film cherished for its exceptional color accuracy, fine grain, and high saturation. Photographers who yearn for that timeless Ektar charm in their digital shots will find this preset a game-changer.

Free Capture One Style Ektar 100 Before and After

Fuji Sensia Preset

Download the Free Capture One Style “Fuji Sensia” preset compliments of This free preset is a film emulation style for Capture One that simulates the classic Fujifilm Sensia look. As photographers continue to embrace the analog aesthetic, Free Capture One Style Fuji Sensia makes adding a touch of ’80s nostalgia to your photographs easy.

Free Capture One Style Fuji Sensia Cover

Fuji Pro Preset

The “Fuji Pro” Free Capture One Style is a film emulation preset designed to replicate the look of Fujifilm Pro film. This style features soft greens, warm skin tones, and deep shadows, which create a classic and timeless aesthetic. This preset is perfect for those who want to achieve a film-like look in their digital images.

Free Capture One Style Fuji Pro Cover

Shutter Preset

Free Capture One Style “Shutter” by not only emulates the classic Kodak Ektachrome film, known for its fine grain and rich, saturated colors, but It’s excellent for daylight photography, offering good exposure latitude suitable for landscapes and portraiture. This preset enhances photos with subtle contrast and sharpness adjustments, making it ideal for amateur and professional photographers looking to add a cinematic touch to their images.

Free Capture One Style Shutter Before and After

2. Landscape Presets for Capture One

Tropic Preset

The Free Capture One Style “Tropic” by is a vibrant, film-style enhancement for landscape and adventure photography. It accentuates natural beauty in outdoor settings with a single click, boosting greens and blues for a bright, refreshing look.

Free Capture One Style Tropic Before and After

California Color Preset

Are you looking to add extra California color to your landscape photos? This free Capture One Style is perfect for giving your images a sunny, film-inspired vibe. Download the Style and apply it to your photos for instant results.

Free Capture One Style Cali Color Before and After

Snowy Peak Preset

Free Capture One Style “Snowy Peak” preset compliments of If you like the classic film look, you’ll love the Free Capture One Snowy Peak Preset. With this preset, you can add that beautiful grain and enhance your landscape shots with modern yet classic styling.

Free Capture One Style Snowy Peak Before and After

3. Cinematic Presets for Capture One

Cinéscape Preset

Free Capture One Style “Cinescape” by The “Cinescape” preset has a beautiful color grading effect, making it perfect for adding a touch of Hollywood to your photos. It adds a beautiful cinematic vibe to portrait, travel, and landscape photographs.

Free Capture One Style Cinescape Before and After

Rich Tones Preset

Discover the “Rich Tones” Free Capture One Style, designed to enrich your photos with vibrant colors and a cinematic touch. This preset ensures that every image stands out with its captivating style and is ideal for photographers aiming to add depth and elegance to their work. Transform your photos into artful narratives with just a click, making them seen and felt.

Free Capture One Style Rich Tones Before and After

Film Grade Preset

This Free Capture One Style “Film Grade” preset compliments It enhances the colors and tones in your images, giving them a warm and vintage feel. With its subtle grain and soft highlights, this preset is perfect for portraits, landscapes, and any other type of photography that calls for a nostalgic and romantic touch.

Free Capture One Style Film Grade Video

Blockbuster Preset

The “Blockbuster” Free Capture One Style is a game-changer for photographers aiming to infuse their portraits and landscapes with a cinematic quality. Crafted to emulate the dramatic essence of Hollywood films, this preset enriches images through sophisticated color grading and tonal enhancements.

Free Capture One Style Blockbuster Before and After

4. Moody Presets for Capture One

Morocco Preset

Free Capture One Style “Morocco” compliments of This preset captures the vibrant essence of the North African landscape. Inspired by the golden dunes of the Sahara, the blue hues of Chefchaouen, and the earthy tones of ancient medinas, this preset infuses photos with warmth and color.

Free Capture One Style Morocco Before and After

Moody Stock Preset

The Free Capture One Style “Moody Stock” transforms photos with a cinematic Moody Stock film look characterized by deep matte shadows and dynamic tones. It’s ideal for adding drama and depth to various photography styles, enhancing visual storytelling while maintaining the photo’s natural beauty. Perfect for those seeking a professional, atmospheric touch in their images.

Free Capture One Style Moody Stock Before After

Moody Vibe Preset

Free Capture One Style “Moody Vibe” preset compliments of Transform your photos with beautiful cinematic colors and dynamic tones. Perfect for photographers and enthusiasts seeking to elevate their visual storytelling. Download now and unleash the power of Moody Vibe!

Free Capture One Style Moody Vibe Before After

5. Best Light and Bright Presets

Boho Vibe Preset

Elevate your photography with our Free Capture One Style “Boho Vibe,” designed to give your photos a lighter, brighter, and airier look. Ideal for both portraits and landscapes, this one-click preset transforms your images into Instagram-worthy masterpieces.

Free Capture One Style Boho Vibe Before and After

Color 100 Preset

The Free Capture One Style “Color 100” is an excellent tool for enhancing landscape photos with a classic film emulation look. Mimicking the timeless Fuji Color film stock, this preset enriches images with warm tones and natural colors, instantly elevating the visual appeal with a cinematic quality.

Free Capture One Style Color 100 Before and After

Insta Preset

Free Capture One Style Insta. This preset will add a light, bright, and airy look to your photos and is perfect for all types of photography, including portraits, cityscapes, and landscape images. Add some interest to your photos with this beautiful one-click style!

Free Capture One Style Insta Before and After


Our journey through the realm of The Best Free Capture One Styles in 2024 has equipped you with an invaluable toolkit to elevate your photography. Each preset we’ve showcased is more than just a filter; it’s a gateway to artistic excellence, enabling you to imbue your images with unique qualities that resonate with your creative vision. These handpicked Capture One presets offer endless possibilities to help transform your photos into stunning masterpieces. We encourage you to experiment with these free resources and discover how they can unlock new dimensions of beauty and expression in your work, helping you achieve photographic mastery without cost.

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