HDR Photography | Break of Dawn


HDR Photography | Break of Dawn It was early in the morning when we arrived at Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park. It was still dark and we positioned ourselves at the perfect vantage point to capture the waterfalls. You might be asking yourself, where are these alleged falls? Well, this photograph was taken looking […]

Landscape Photography | Swiss Mountain Range


Landscape Photography | Swiss Mountain Range This snowy mountain shot was taken in the Swiss Alps. One thing that landscape photography has taught me is to slow down and really appreciate the moment. I remember looking off into the distance, mesmerized by the frozen landscape and taking it all in. It’s in these small intimate […]

HDR Photography | Venetian Vista


HDR Photography | Venetian Vista While photographing Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, this long heavy shadow that stretched along the ground caught my eye. The shadow was cast by St. Mark’s column that carries the statue of the Lion of Venice. I decided to position myself with the column blocking the sun and grabbed a […]

Photography | Canyon of Giants


Photography | Canyon of Giants I snapped this candid photo on a small private photography tour of Antelope Canyon in Arizona. I’ve been trying to add a sense of scale to my images lately and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that! If you squint a little, you’ll notice that the canyon wall […]

HDR Photography | Light Bridge


HDR Photography | Light Bridge Here’s a quick image that I took of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransico, California. I wanted to photograph the bridge from all different angles using a variety of lenses. For this particular shot, I used a 24-70 mm lens zoomed in at 53 mm to get a nice […]

Photography | Sun Flare


Photography | Sun Flare Here’s a quick little image that I took in Joshua Tree National Park. For this edit, I decided to use a single “blown-out” exposure to capture the intensity of the setting sun. It almost makes you want to squint while looking at the photograph! The lens flare in the image also […]

Photography | Endless Possibilities


Photography | Endless Possibilities This is a quick photo that I took of my wife sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon one morning a few years back. Travel is such an amazing thing, isn’t it? Experiencing new places like this gives you a rush of dopamine and an escape from your everyday life. […]

HDR Photography | Tower Lights


HDR Photography | Tower Lights Sometimes it can be a challenge to get the exposure and colors just right with nightscape photos! What works for me is to capture multiple images (HDR) of the same scene and merge them together in post. Personally, I like to tackle the exposure in Lightroom to get an overall […]

Landscape Photography | Across The Landscape


Landscape Photography | Across The Landscape This photo was taken just off the side of the road in Iceland! We explored the island for eight days in a small rented camper van so that we could jump out and snap photos whenever anything interesting came along, which was every 15 minutes if I’m being honest! […]