Landscape Photography | Warm Sunrise

Landscape Photography | Warm Sunrise I absolutely miss mornings like this. That’s why taking photos is a passion of mine, you get to reflect on exceptional moments like this one. I vividly remember watching the sun slowly highlight the black beach stones and the smell of the salty sea dancing on the breeze. It may […]

Landscape Photography | The Bend


Landscape Photography | The Bend Here’s a photo that I took at Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona. Nothing prepares you for the steep drop that you experience when you first walk up to Horseshoe Bend. When you look down over the edge you feel like you’re soaring above it all. The drop is slightly unnerving, […]

Cityscape Photography | Summer in Venice

Cityscape Photography | Summer in Venice Here’s a photo that I took in Venice, Italy. Summertime in Italy can be very very hot, especially during high noon when all of us tourists are on the loose! Luckily, the best time to shoot is during sunrise and sunset when it’s comfortably warm and the light is […]

Landscape Photography | Cinematic Scene

Landscape Photography | Cinematic Scene Here’s a photo that I took in Iceland. What I find interesting about this photo is that it looks like it was taken from a high altitude. I was actually crouched down low to the ground but the wind was so strong that it created these tiny ripples in the […]

HDR Photography | Misty River

HDR Photography | Misty River This is a photo that I took in Iceland. While driving around the island in our rented campervan, we came across this wild river flowing through the rocks just to the right of the main highway. We pulled over immediately and jumped out so that we could grab a couple […]

Photography | On The Lake

Photography | On The Lake This is a photo of a small lake in Ontario, Canada. It’s mornings like this that remind me just how beautiful Canada really is. The trees were perfectly reflected in the water that day creating this gorgeous mirrored effect. Note to self: Get up earlier and take more shots like […]

Photography | Bay Area

Photography | Bay Area This is a photo that I took in San Francisco, California. I was hoping to capture a photo of the city skyline and the hotel that we stayed at afforded me this spectacular vantage point. The last bit of warm light was lifting for the day and I was able to […]

HDR Photography | Brooklyn Bridge Park

HDR Photography Brooklyn Bidge Park Presetpro

Brooklyn Bridge Park One of the best places to capture the Manhattan skyline is Brooklyn Bridge Park! This shot was taken at Pier 1. The old pilings add an interesting element to the foreground of the shot and the glowing lights of the city reflecting back over the water creates a stunning blue hour scene. […]

Photography | Fire Dance

Photography | Fire Dance While on vacation in Mexico I decided to capture some night shots. Naturally, I headed down to the beach and was pleasantly surprised to find a fire show by the water! I love how the dancer appears to be wrapped in flames. It reminds of that scene in the Hunger Games […]