HDR Photography | Saint Lawrence Sunrise


HDR Photography | Saint Lawrence Sunrise Here’s a photo that I took while visiting Quebec City, Canada. On our last morning of the trip, the weather forecast called for a grey overcast day. I’ve learned that you should always double-check the weather, especially when you have a photo on the line. I stuck my head […]

Photography | Quaint Café


Photography | Quaint Café To a Parisian, this is the typical scene that you might find on any street corner in the city. But to a visitor, this is something special! Paris is one of those cities where the culture and the atmosphere invites you to take your time. You can spend hours lounging at […]

HDR Photography | The Bridge


HDR Photography | The Bridge This is a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Whenever I’m in the big apple, I always make it a priority to photograph this bridge early in the morning. I find that there are endless angles and perspectives to capture. Every time I go, I find something […]

HDR Photography | Amsterdam


HDR Photography | Amsterdam This is a different view from a very popular photography location in Amsterdam. The famous arched bridge that everyone photographs is located near the Leidsegracht and Keizersgracht intersection which is just out of frame to the right. If you visit this beautiful location, you’ll find tons of photo opportunities. It’s always […]

Photography | Goodnight Hallstatt


Photography | Goodnight Hallstatt Blue Hour is a 20-minute window of time after sunset that straddles the line of night and day. I absolutely love this time because you get a beautiful mix of inky blues sky and rich orange light. Our last night in Hallstatt Austria was the perfect setting for a postcard blue […]

HDR Photography | Along The Tiber


HDR Photography | Along The Tiber This is a photo that I took along the Tiber River in Rome. I got up early that morning to walk around the city and take a few shots of the architecture. I descended the steps to the river’s edge to gain an interesting perspective of St. Angelo Bridge. […]

Photography | Cloud Valley


Photography | Cloud Valley This is a photo that I took in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland. This little Swiss village flanked by towering snow-capped mountains is a photography gold mine! Everywhere you look there is something that excites the eye. On the last day of our stay, it was overcast with a bit of rain. I decided […]

HDR Photography | Seine River at Night


HDR Photography | Seine River at Night This is a photo of the Pont au Change bridge in Paris! At night the city lights reflect over the river creating this magical moody effect. This particular night there was a wispy cluster of clouds blanketing the evening sky. The architecture in Paris is so rich in […]

HDR Photography | Cathedral Sunset


HDR Photography | Cathedral Sunset This is a photo of the streets that lay just behind Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. It’s also important to note that this photo was taken back in 2017 before the infamous fires occurred in April 2019. We experienced one of the most amazing sunsets that night and it […]