HDR Photography | Beach Paradise


HDR Photography | Beach Paradise This shot was taken on the beach in Mexico at sunset. I love taking photos that have something interesting in the foreground. I wanted to grab a shot of these breezy cabanas but I was struggling to find a good angle. From the corner of my eye, I noticed this […]

Landscape Photography | Cinematic Light

Landscape Photography | Cinematic Light This photo was taken last year in Mexico! You can’t go wrong with a sandy beach, a palm tree, and a beautiful sunset! I decided to go for more of a graphic effect with the edit for this one. I used a preset from The Landscape Bundle (Extreme Collection) to […]

HDR Photography “Into the Sunset”

HDR Photography Into the Sunset Presetpro.com

HDR Photography “Into the Sunset” HDR Photography “Into the Sunset” – My wife and I were taking photos on the beach in Mexico one evening, when the perfect photo opportunity presented itself, as it sometimes does. Just as I was positioning myself in the center of this boardwalk to take a photo, a boy, fresh […]

Nightscape Photography “Tropical Nights”


Nightscape Photography “Tropical Nights” Nightscape Photography “Tropical Nights”. Here’s a poolside photo that I took in Mexico! It was a hot and hazy night which gave all of the lights a beautiful diffused look. To help “soften” the image (mainly the lights) I set my aperture f 5.6, as this reduces the starburst effect from the lights […]

Nightscape Photography – To The Beach

Nightscape Photography-To-The-Beach Presetpro

Nightscape Photography – To The Beach Nightscape Photography – To the Beach. Here’s another a photo that I took in Mexico! I’m not the type of person to lay in the sun, so naturally, the night-time is when I usually head down to the beach. I found these picturesque cabana beds one night that were […]

Landscape Photography – Surf’s Up Mexico

Landscape Photography Surf's Up Mexico Presetpro.com

Landscape Photography – Surf’s Up Mexico Landscape Photography – Surf’s Up Mexico. I took this photo a few weeks ago in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. To capture this image I had to employ a few different techniques to achieve the overall look. The first was to expand the tripod legs out low and wide so […]

HDR Photography – Tropical Colors


HDR Photography – Tropical Colors HDR Photography – Tropical Colors. Nothing beats the low light and vibrant colors after the sun dips below the horizon. While on vacation in Mexico, I made it my mission to photograph every sunset and this was one such occasion. The cool part is, I would skip dinner and while people […]

Landscape Photography – Last Light


Landscape Photography – Last Light Landscape Photography – Last Light. Here’s a photo I took a while ago in Manzanillo, Mexico! I was on vacation, but every sunset and sunrise I was out snapping photos around the waterfront! To be honest, I can’t relax when I’m on vacation until I take at least a few […]

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