HDR Photography | Light Bridge


HDR Photography | Light Bridge Here’s a quick image that I took of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransico, California. I wanted to photograph the bridge from all different angles using a variety of lenses. For this particular shot, I used a 24-70 mm lens zoomed in at 53 mm to get a nice […]

Free Lightroom Preset | New York


Free Lightroom Preset Download the Free Lightroom Preset “New York” compliments of Presetpro.com. This free Lightroom preset is perfect for cityscape photography and will instantly give your photos a dynamic film look! Add some interest to your images with this beautiful one-click preset. Search for more Free Lightroom Presets – Kodak Film | Noir Nights | Travel […]

Cityscape Photography | Windy City Rain


Cityscape “Windy City Rain” Here’s an image that I took from the John Hancock Center’s 360 observation deck in Chicago, Illinois. This is the best location to capture a bird’s eye view of the city! I made my way up the tower one gloomy evening hoping to photograph something interesting. As luck would have it, […]

HDR Photography | Strolling on The Brooklyn Bridge


HDR Photography | Strolling on The Brooklyn Bridge HDR Photography | Strolling on The Brooklyn Bridge – I love photographing this bridge during the day, but nothing beats the experience of capturing it at night. As the sun goes down, the crowds start to thin and you can have a decidedly more personal experience with your surroundings, […]

HDR Photography | Beautiful Paris


HDR Photography | Beautiful Paris HDR Photography | Beautiful Paris –  This residential street in Paris delivers a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. We found this street while exploring the 7th arrondissement a few weeks prior. After attempting to get this photo a few times without success, I decided to wait for a day when […]

Lightroom Film Emulation | Joshua Tree


Lightroom Film Emulation | Joshua Tree Film Emulation | Joshua Tree – Joshua Tree has some of the most interesting landscapes in the United States. When you drive into the National Park you’ll think that you’ve stumbled on to some prehistoric movie set in the desert. The trees and rock formations are fascinating to photograph and you […]

Cityscape Photography | The Bean Chicago


Cityscape Photography | The Bean Chicago Cityscape Photography | The Bean Chicago – Cloud Gate, otherwise known as “The Bean” is one of Chicago’s most iconic art attractions. Located in the famous Millennium Park, it’s a must-see for photographers visiting the city. The best time to photograph Cloud Gate is in the morning before the hundreds […]

Film Emulation | Brooklyn New York City


Lightroom Film Emulation Film Emulation | Brooklyn New York City –  Here’s a photo that I took in Brooklyn, New York! If you’re looking to grab a shot of the Manhattan Bridge, Washington St is where you want to be! People come from miles around to grab a selfie here, and it isn’t hard to […]

New Lightroom and Luminar Products | On The Horizon


New Lightroom and Luminar Products New Lightroom and Luminar Products | On the Horizon –  This is a photo of the Brooklyn skyline that I took while standing on the Brooklyn Bridge! I named this photo “On the Horizon” as I’m weeks away from releasing my new film emulation presets / profiles for Lightroom and Luminar. My […]