HDR Photography | Light Bridge


HDR Photography | Light Bridge Here’s a quick image that I took of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransico, California. I wanted to photograph the bridge from all different angles using a variety of lenses. For this particular shot, I used a 24-70 mm lens zoomed in at 53 mm to get a nice […]

HDR Photography | Golden Gate Golden Hour


HDR Photography | Golden Gate Golden Hour With the limited number of nights we had in San Francisco, we decided to use one of them at Battery Spencer Lookout to capture this classic image of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can’t go to San Fransisco and not visit this spot. The lookout offers some beautiful […]

HDR Photography | San Francisco Bay Bridge


HDR Photography | San Francisco Bay Bridge HDR Photography | San Francisco Bay Bridge – This is a quick photo that I took while out on a morning photo shoot in San Fransisco, California. The sky was beautifully lit so I threw on my 70-200 mm lens and zoomed in to grab a tight shot […]

Lightroom Film – China Town San Francisco


Lightroom Film Presets This is a quick shot that I snapped in China Town, San Fransisco, California. At night the streets are lit up by hundreds of these glowing lanterns and it creates a really neat atmosphere for photography. For the edit, I decided to use my Lightroom Film Presets. Check out the video below to see the Lightroom […]

Lightroom Film Look | San Francisco Skyline


Lightroom Film Presets This is a quick photo that I snapped in San Fransisco, California. The city has a beautifully unique layout and I wanted to capture it from a perspective that I had never seen before. As you will see in my edit video below, I set up the frame with the golden ration […]

HDR Photography | Sunset Paradise


HDR Photography | Sunset Paradise HDR Photography | Sunset Paradise –  Whether it’s photographing a beautiful seascape or scuba diving an old shipwreck, the ocean has provided me with years of adventure. I love that there is this whole other world going on down there without us even knowing. Seascapes are quickly becoming one of my […]

Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss


Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss – You know that feeling you get when you’re in the right place at the right time and everything lines up perfectly in your shot? Well, that’s what I call photography bliss! While photographing the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, I decided to stay a little […]

Landscape Photography | San Francisco Dreaming

San Francisco Dreaming Prestpro.com

Landscape Photography | San Francisco Dreaming Landscape Photography | San Francisco Dreaming – This beautiful beach is located on the west side of the Golden Gate Bridge (Marshall’s Beach) and it’s the perfect spot to capture waves in motion against this iconic backdrop! As I made my way down the cliff to the shoreline, I couldn’t […]

HDR Photography “Colorful San Francisco”

Cityscape Photography Colorful San Francisco Presetpro.com

HDR Photography “Colorful San Francisco” HDR Photography “Colorful San Francisco” – San Francisco has one of those distinctly unique skylines that really showcases the colorful culture of the people who live there. Every neighborhood offers a plethora of colorful buildings, ornate private homes, and independent restaurants. It’s impossible to be bored in San Fransisco! I was lucky enough […]