The Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk

The Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk

The Golden Gate Bridge at Dusk The Golden Gate Bridge is one of San Francisco’s most iconic landmarks. Spanning the Golden Gate Strait, the bridge connects the city to Marin County. Every day, thousands of people use the bridge to commute to work or school or to simply enjoy a beautiful drive. At dusk, the […]

Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss


Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss – You know that feeling you get when you’re in the right place at the right time and everything lines up perfectly in your shot? Well, that’s what I call photography bliss! While photographing the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, I decided to stay a little […]

Landscape Photography | San Francisco Dreaming

San Francisco Dreaming

Landscape Photography | San Francisco Dreaming Landscape Photography | San Francisco Dreaming – This beautiful beach is located on the west side of the Golden Gate Bridge (Marshall’s Beach) and it’s the perfect spot to capture waves in motion against this iconic backdrop! As I made my way down the cliff to the shoreline, I couldn’t […]

5 Creative Looks in Lightroom | San Francisco Beach


5 Creative Looks in Lightroom 5 Creative Looks in Lightroom | San Fransico Beach – This photo was taken at Marshall’s Beach, which is located right near the Golden Gate Bridge in beautiful San Fransisco, California! We headed down to the beach that day and nature gave us this dynamite sunset to capture over the […]