Landscape Photography – Black Sand Beach Iceland


Landscape Photography – Black Sand Beach Iceland Landscape Photography – Black Sand Beach Iceland. When you arrive on this beach in Iceland, you feel like you stepped onto the set of some Hollywood fantasy movie. The volcanic rock and the black sand creates this rugged looking landscape, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder […]

HDR Photography – Tropical Colors


HDR Photography – Tropical Colors HDR Photography – Tropical Colors. Nothing beats the low light and vibrant colors after the sun dips below the horizon. While on vacation in Mexico, I made it my mission to photograph every sunset and this was one such occasion. The cool part is, I would skip dinner and while people […]

Landscape Photography – Whimsical Wave


Landscape Photography – Whimsical Wave Whimsical Wave – This photo is a close-up of the canyon walls in Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona! While exploring the canyon, I decided to take a few close-up shots for a more abstract looking image. The walls of the canyon are sandstone and the unique lines and shapes are created by […]