Landscape Photography | Cinematic Scene

Landscape Photography | Cinematic Scene Here’s a photo that I took in Iceland. What I find interesting about this photo is that it looks like it was taken from a high altitude. I was actually crouched down low to the ground but the wind was so strong that it created these tiny ripples in the […]

HDR Photography | Misty River

HDR Photography | Misty River This is a photo that I took in Iceland. While driving around the island in our rented campervan, we came across this wild river flowing through the rocks just to the right of the main highway. We pulled over immediately and jumped out so that we could grab a couple […]

Landscape Photography | Focus

Landscape Photography | Focus Here’s a photo that I took of Vestrahorn Mountain in Iceland. The black sand and extreme winds create these deep sand dunes all around the mountain. This one lined up nicely with the jagged peaks in the background. I never get tired of this unique, otherworldly landscape! Post Processing & Camera […]

HDR Photography | Setting Star

HDR Photography | Setting Star The conditions were absolutely perfect to photograph Vestrahorn Mountain in Iceland. The clouds lifted just before sunset and there was this beautiful atmospheric haze that almost seemed to make the sun glow! Iceland’s landscape is so unique that you feel like you’ve been transported to another planet. I felt like […]

HDR Photography | Waterfall of the Gods

HDR Photography | Waterfall of the Gods This photo was taken in Iceland at Godafoss which translates to “Waterfall of the Gods!” Usually, there are tons of tourists in this area because it’s located just off the popular ring road. Knowing that this location has been photographed thousands of times I created a fun little […]

HDR Photography | Pink Sky at Night


HDR Photography | Pink Sky at Night Pink sky at night, photographer’s delight! This photo was taken on the other side of Black Sand Beach in Iceland. We visited in May when the sun never fully sets. They call this phenomenon, the midnight sun. It’s great for photography because you’re afforded plenty of time to […]

Landscape Photography | Across The Landscape

Landscape Photography | Across The Landscape This photo was taken just off the side of the road in Iceland! We explored the island for eight days in a small rented camper van so that we could jump out and snap photos whenever anything interesting came along, which was every 15 minutes if I’m being honest! […]

Landscape Photography | Dramatic Light

Landscape Photography | Dramatic Light For today’s edit, I decided to go for more of a dramatic black and white look. The Vestrahorn mountain is located on the eastern side of Iceland. I wanted to mirror the mountain in the pool of water that accumulated at the base. Earlier that day everything was covered with […]

Landscape Photography | Tranquility

Landscape Photography | Tranquility This photo was taken near Vestrahorn mountain in Iceland. My mission was to photograph this beautiful location at sunset but I was uncertain that heavy fog would lift in time. While I was waiting, I decided to capture a few shots of these horses that were grazing nearby. I quickly felt […]