Photography | Speckles on my lens

Speckles on my lens

Photography | Speckles on my lens. Driving on the north coast of Iceland, I was met with constant rain. With limited time to explore this area and a lack of sunlight during its midnight sun, my expectations for capturing memorable images were low. But then it occurred to me that despite the downpour there is […]

Landscape Photography | Another World

Landscape Photography Another World

Landscape Photography | Another World Stepping onto Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland is like stepping onto a different planet. The sand is coarse and black and the waves are wild and untamed. It’s unlike any other place I’ve photographed. I can still hear the water crashing against the rocks. I love seeking out and capturing unique […]

Photography | Wild Reflections

Photography | Wild Reflections

Photography | Wild Reflections Wild Reflections | Here’s a photo I took in Iceland near Vestrahorn mountain. To capture this image I used my Sony ILCE-7R2 with a FE 16-35mm F4 lens. Settings: 1/500 sec, f/4, ISO 100. To process this digital image I used the Film Emulation Collection Lightroom presets and profiles. I absolutely […]

Landscape Photography | Moody Falls

Landscape Photography | Moody Falls Iceland -

Landscape Photography | Moody Falls While driving around Iceland we unexpectedly came across this beautiful waterfall just off the highway. When I saw it I instantly knew the shot that I wanted to capture. We parked and hiked our way through the brush to get a closer look. The clear blue water cascading down from […]

Landscape Photography | Silhouettes

Landscape Photography | Silhouettes This is a photo that I took at the famous Black Sand Beach in Iceland. On this particular day, we had some extreme weather including high winds and rain, This can make a long exposure shot a little challenging. I remember standing over my camera, frozen in place for 9 seconds […]

Landscape Photography | Cinematic Scene

Landscape Photography | Cinematic Scene Here’s a photo that I took in Iceland. What I find interesting about this photo is that it looks like it was taken from a high altitude. I was actually crouched down low to the ground but the wind was so strong that it created these tiny ripples in the […]

HDR Photography | Misty River

HDR Photography | Misty River This is a photo that I took in Iceland. While driving around the island in our rented campervan, we came across this wild river flowing through the rocks just to the right of the main highway. We pulled over immediately and jumped out so that we could grab a couple […]

Landscape Photography | Focus

Landscape Photography | Focus Here’s a photo that I took of Vestrahorn Mountain in Iceland. The black sand and extreme winds create these deep sand dunes all around the mountain. This one lined up nicely with the jagged peaks in the background. I never get tired of this unique, otherworldly landscape! Post Processing & Camera […]

HDR Photography | Setting Star

HDR Photography | Setting Star The conditions were absolutely perfect to photograph Vestrahorn Mountain in Iceland. The clouds lifted just before sunset and there was this beautiful atmospheric haze that almost seemed to make the sun glow! Iceland’s landscape is so unique that you feel like you’ve been transported to another planet. I felt like […]

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