The Ultimate FREE Color Grading LUT Collection

The Ultimate FREE Color Grading LUT Collection Presetpro

The Ultimate FREE Color Grading LUT Collection. Looking to add some extra polish to your videos? Check out our free color grading LUT collection! This library of LUTs (lookup tables) will give your footage a more cinematic look, and best of all, they’re all FREE! We’ve gathered the best color grading LUTs from around the […]

HDR Photography | Brooklyn Bridge Park

HDR Photography Brooklyn Bidge Park Presetpro

Brooklyn Bridge Park One of the best places to capture the Manhattan skyline is Brooklyn Bridge Park! This shot was taken at Pier 1. The old pilings add an interesting element to the foreground of the shot and the glowing lights of the city reflecting back over the water creates a stunning blue hour scene. […]

Photography | Champs Élyéese Paris

Photography | Champs Élyéese Paris Here’s a photo that I took along the Champs Élyéese in Paris France. To capture this image I used my 70-200 lens while standing on one of the pedestrian medians. The long lens allowed me to zoom into the traffic without putting myself at risk. Post Processing & Camera Settings.  […]

HDR Photography | Pink Sky at Night


HDR Photography | Pink Sky at Night Pink sky at night, photographer’s delight! This photo was taken on the other side of Black Sand Beach in Iceland. We visited in May when the sun never fully sets. They call this phenomenon, the midnight sun. It’s great for photography because you’re afforded plenty of time to […]

HDR Photography | Saint Lawrence Sunrise

HDR Photography | Saint Lawrence Sunrise Here’s a photo that I took while visiting Quebec City, Canada. On our last morning of the trip, the weather forecast called for a grey overcast day. I’ve learned that you should always double-check the weather, especially when you have a photo on the line. I stuck my head […]

HDR Photography | Dreaming of Venice

HDR Photography | Dreaming of Venice There is something truly magical about Venice and it’s easy to figure out why it’s such a special place. There is a jovial hustle and bustle around every corner, especially at night when the city is turned into a celebration of light and life. This image was taken very […]

HDR Photography | Buckingham Fountain


HDR Photography | Buckingham Fountain If you ever find yourself in Chicago during the summer months, make sure that you visit the Buckingham Fountain at night! As you make your way down to the fountain you’ll be greeted with a cool mist, classical music, and a spectacular light show! The lights that illuminate the fountain […]

HDR Photography | Medici Fountain Paris

HDR Photography | Medici Fountain Paris While staying in Paris we decided to spend an afternoon at Le Jardin du Luxembourg. This beautiful little oasis is called the Medici Fountain and it’s the perfect place to grab some shade and take in the scenery. The fountain was originally constructed in the 1600s at a different […]

Cityscape Photography – Binary Code


Cityscape Photography – Binary Code Cityscape Photography – Binary Code. Here’s a photo that I took in London, England. I was setting up for some night shots near City Hall when a couple decided to step into the frame. This created a happy little photography accident and I ultimately decided to keep them in the shot. This area […]