The Louvre: Beautiful Gardens and a Great Spot for Sunset Photos

The Louvre: Beautiful Gardens and a Great Spot for Sunset Photos

The Louvre: Beautiful Gardens and a Great Spot for Sunset Photos The Louvre is a beautiful building with sprawling gardens that will make for great photography at sunset. To the east of the Louvre, you’ll find Tuileries Gardens which can be photographed in all seasons and during any time of day. The eastern side of […]

Landscape Photography | Another World

Landscape Photography Another World Presetpro.com

Landscape Photography | Another World Stepping onto Reynisfjara Beach in Iceland is like stepping onto a different planet. The sand is coarse and black and the waves are wild and untamed. It’s unlike any other place I’ve photographed. I can still hear the water crashing against the rocks. I love seeking out and capturing unique […]

Landscape Photography | Moody Falls

Landscape Photography | Moody Falls Iceland - Presetpro.com

Landscape Photography | Moody Falls While driving around Iceland we unexpectedly came across this beautiful waterfall just off the highway. When I saw it I instantly knew the shot that I wanted to capture. We parked and hiked our way through the brush to get a closer look. The clear blue water cascading down from […]

Free Lightroom Preset | Trail Blaze


Free Lightroom Preset Download the Free Lightroom Preset “Trail Blaze” compliments of Presetpro.com. This free Lightroom preset is perfect for landscape photography and more specifically for photos taken deep in a jungle or forest. Instantly give your landscape image a soft and colorful look! Add some interest to your images with this beautiful one-click preset. […]

HDR Photography | Setting Star


HDR Photography | Setting Star The conditions were absolutely perfect to photograph Vestrahorn Mountain in Iceland. The clouds lifted just before sunset and there was this beautiful atmospheric haze that almost seemed to make the sun glow! Iceland’s landscape is so unique that you feel like you’ve been transported to another planet. I felt like […]

HDR Photography | Along The Tiber


HDR Photography | Along The Tiber This is a photo that I took along the Tiber River in Rome. I got up early that morning to walk around the city and take a few shots of the architecture. I descended the steps to the river’s edge to gain an interesting perspective of St. Angelo Bridge. […]

Landscape Photography | Tranquility


Landscape Photography | Tranquility This photo was taken near Vestrahorn mountain in Iceland. My mission was to photograph this beautiful location at sunset but I was uncertain that heavy fog would lift in time. While I was waiting, I decided to capture a few shots of these horses that were grazing nearby. I quickly felt […]

Landscape Photography | River Falls


Landscape Photography | River Falls Here’s a photo that I took of Skógafoss Falls in Iceland! This area can be quite crowded as it’s part of the famous golden circle, but as luck would have it we arrived on a day when no one was there because of the rain. I decided that I wanted […]

Lightroom Film Emulation | Into the Sunset


Lightroom Film Emulation | Into the Sunset Lightroom Film Emulation | Into the Sunset – While taking photos of the Golden Gate bridge I decided to point my camera in the other direction to get a different perspective. The cliffs just beyond the bridge are beautiful in their own right and I would definitely recommend that you grab a few shots […]