Brooklyn Bridge | Jazz and Chill

Brooklyn Bridge | Jazz and Chill

Brooklyn Bridge | Jazz and Chill The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York City’s most iconic landmarks. Built in 1883 this suspension bridge spanning the East River connects the boroughs from either side and became a brilliant feat of engineering after only taking nine months to build! When I visited NYC I could not […]

Awe-Inspiring Photos | Downpour in Manhattan

Downpour in Manhattan

Photography | Downpour in Manhattan Downpour in Manhattan. Here’s a really cool picture that was taken of the New York skyline during an intense rainstorm. When the rain started everyone cleared from this vantage point and I was able to capture an unobstructed view of Manhattan. The rainclouds added a lot of interest and intensity […]

Free Lightroom Preset “Quiet City”

Free Lightroom Preset “Quiet City” Download this Free Lightroom Preset “Quiet City” compliments of Presetpro.com. The “Quiet City” preset will give your photos a cool moody look that’s perfect for all types of photos. Add some interest to your images with this beautiful one-click preset. Download this preset Free Download Here!

Photography | The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge

Photography | The Brooklyn Bridge There’s just something about the Brooklyn Bridge in New York that makes me smile. Every time I visit I find myself drawn to it. It might just be my favorite thing to photograph in the city. Maybe it’s the way the steel wires create perfect patterns in the sky or […]

HDR Photography | Brooklyn Bridge Park

HDR Photography Brooklyn Bidge Park Presetpro

Brooklyn Bridge Park One of the best places to capture the Manhattan skyline is Brooklyn Bridge Park! This shot was taken at Pier 1. The old pilings add an interesting element to the foreground of the shot and the glowing lights of the city reflecting back over the water creates a stunning blue hour scene. […]

Nightscape Photography | Stream of Lights


Nightscape Photography | Stream of Lights Here’s a photo that I took on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City! I love taking cityscape shots at night because the lights really pop against the dark inky blue sky. I wanted to capture the cars in motion so I used a half second exposure to allow […]

HDR Photography | Colourful Island


HDR Photography | Colourful Island Sometimes I crave lots of colour in my edits, but the trick is to find a nice balance of hue/saturation/luminance so it doesn’t overload the observer’s eyes! In this particular shot of New York, I was lucky enough to catch the skyline on a night with low hanging clouds. I […]

HDR Photography | Big Little City


HDR Photography “Big Little City” This photo was taken from The Empire State Building in New York City. There’s a lot going on in this photo and by creating the blurred edges it allows the viewer to focus in on a more defined focal point. For the edit, I created a tilt-shift lens effect that […]