HDR Photography | London Reflections


HDR Photography | London Reflections This is a photo that I took on my last night in London, England. I wanted to capture the lights of the London Eye reflecting on the River Thames and decided that standing on the Hungerford Bridge was the best position to capture it. I was also able to get […]

HDR Photography | Buckingham Fountain

HDR-Photography-Buckingham-Fountain-Chicago Presetpro.com

HDR Photography | Buckingham Fountain If you ever find yourself in Chicago during the summer months, make sure that you visit the Buckingham Fountain at night! As you make your way down to the fountain you’ll be greeted with a cool mist, classical music, and a spectacular light show! The lights that illuminate the fountain […]

Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss


Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss Landscape Photography | Photography Bliss – You know that feeling you get when you’re in the right place at the right time and everything lines up perfectly in your shot? Well, that’s what I call photography bliss! While photographing the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, I decided to stay a little […]

Free Lightroom Preset | HDR Night


Free Lightroom Preset | HDR Night Free Lightroom Preset HDR Night compliments of Presetpro.com. The “HDR Night” preset will give your nightscape photos an HDR (High Dynamic Range) look with a cooler tones. This Lightroom Preset is perfect for city nightscape photos where you need to boost the dynamic range and reduce orange color casts. Add […]

Nightscape Photography “Magical Lights of Positano”

Nightscape Photography Magical Lights in Positano Presetpro.com

Nightscape Photography “Magical Lights of Positano” Nightscape Photography “Magical Lights of Positano” – If Positano, Italy isn’t on your travel bucket list yet, you should pencil it in immediately! This magical coastal town is known as the jewel of the Amalfi Coast and it isn’t hard to see why! The unique architecture and rocky landscape […]

Nightscape Photography “Tropical Nights”


Nightscape Photography “Tropical Nights” Nightscape Photography “Tropical Nights”. Here’s a poolside photo that I took in Mexico! It was a hot and hazy night which gave all of the lights a beautiful diffused look. To help “soften” the image (mainly the lights) I set my aperture f 5.6, as this reduces the starburst effect from the lights […]

Nightscape Photography – To The Beach

Nightscape Photography-To-The-Beach Presetpro

Nightscape Photography – To The Beach Nightscape Photography – To the Beach. Here’s another a photo that I took in Mexico! I’m not the type of person to lay in the sun, so naturally, the night-time is when I usually head down to the beach. I found these picturesque cabana beds one night that were […]

Nightscape Photography – Las Vegas Strip

Nightscape Photography – Las Vegas Strip Nightscape Photography – Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas has many footbridges that span across the main strip and they offer a great view of all the sights that the city has to offer! I was a little deterred at first by the protective glass lining the walkway as it created a […]

Night Photography – Quintessentially Paris


Night Photography – Quintessentially Paris Night Photography – Quintessentially Paris. Whenever I think about Paris, I think about standing in this very spot. Over the years, this Café, “Le Recrutement” has become inextricably linked with my memories of photographing the city. On the first night that I arrived in 2014, I headed out in the rain […]