HDR Photography – Peachy Sunset


HDR Photography – Peachy Sunset HDR Photography Peachy Sunset – This is a simple photo that I took in Canada on Lake Huron a couple of years ago! For this particular edit, I decided to play around with my adjustment presets (brushes) and accentuate the peachy colors in the sky. I wanted to contrast the blue shadows with […]

HDR Photography – Rocky Shore Sunrise


View High-Quality Image – Here. HDR Photography – Rocky Shore Sunrise Rocky Shore Sunrise: Here’s a photo that I took of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. While visiting some friends for the weekend, I decided to get up early and take a few shots over the water. The morning sunrise was exactly what every photographer hopes for, […]

HDR Photography – First Light


View High Quality Image – Here. HDR Photography – First Light HDR Photography “First Light” – This is a shot that I took in Northern Canada! I was digging through some of my older RAW photos when I discovered this one! I’ve processed a few shots from this “kayak series” before, but I’ve never touched this one in […]