Photography | Long Shadows

Photography | Long Shadows in Joshua Tree Here’s a photo that I took at sunset in Joshua Tree National Park, California. When you’re photographing something at sunset the subject matter is constantly changing as the sun races towards the horizon. Shadows start to stretch across the scene, and the colors are always vibrant and ever-changing. […]

Photography | Sun Flare

Photography | Sun Flare Here’s a quick little image that I took in Joshua Tree National Park. For this edit, I decided to use a single “blown-out” exposure to capture the intensity of the setting sun. It almost makes you want to squint while looking at the photograph! The lens flare in the image also […]

Landscape Photography | Yucca Palm

Landscape Photography | Yucca Palm Here’s a portrait of a Yucca Palm in Joshua Tree National Park. With the sun still sitting high in the sky, I walked around and grabbed some pickup shots of the desert. I didn’t think much of this image until I was playing around with it in Lightroom and found […]

Landscape Photography | Desert Sundown

Landscape Photography | Desert Sundown Here’s a photo that I took in Joshua Tree, California. While exploring the park we came across this unique looking cactus. I don’t know what kind of cactus it was, but it created the perfect focal point for this shot! As the sun went down over the horizon everything began […]

Panorama Photography | Cholla Garden

Panorama Photography “Cholla Garden” When I photograph any location I usually grab an HDR panoramic shot. This ensures that I capture the entire scene and the full dynamic range of the image. Panoramic shots don’t necessarily translate well online but this image will look fantastic as a large fine art print. The original image can […]

Astro Photography | Singularity

Astro Photography | Singularity Astro Photography | Singularity – I’ve named this photo after the concept of Singularity. The Singularity Theory states that at the center of a black hole there is a place where all matter and gravity become infinite and the laws of physics no longer apply. The black hole sucks all matter […]

Lightroom Film Emulation | Joshua Tree

Lightroom Film Emulation | Joshua Tree Film Emulation | Joshua Tree – Joshua Tree has some of the most interesting landscapes in the United States. When you drive into the National Park you’ll think that you’ve stumbled on to some prehistoric movie set in the desert. The trees and rock formations are fascinating to photograph and you […]