Free Lightroom Preset “Cool Breeze”

Free Lightroom Preset Cool Breeze Video

Free Lightroom Preset “Cool Breeze” Free Lightroom Preset Cool Breeze. The “Cool Breeze” preset will desaturate your image and give it a nice film look, perfect for all types of photos including portraits and landscapes. Add some interest to your images with this beautiful one-click preset. To download this preset, simply click on the link […]

Photography | Italian Summer Nights

Photography | Italian Summer Nights -

Photography | Italian Summer Nights Italian Summer Nights – One of the things that I miss the most about travel is the nights where I would roam around a city with my camera looking for something magical to capture. In Venice, there is no shortage of magic. Sure, there are lots of tourists and gift […]

HDR Photography | Summer Festival in London

HDR Photography | Summer Festival in London This photo was taken on our trip to London, England. If you’re looking for some fantastic modern architecture to photograph, check out the downtown area! We were lucky enough to arrive in the middle of a summer festival. With so much hustle-bustle going on I decided to snap […]

HDR Photography | Beach Paradise

HDR Photography | Beach Paradise This shot was taken on the beach in Mexico at sunset. I love taking photos that have something interesting in the foreground. I wanted to grab a shot of these breezy cabanas but I was struggling to find a good angle. From the corner of my eye, I noticed this […]

HDR Photography | Tiber River

HDR Photography Photo taken on the Tiber River in Rome Italy

HDR Photography | Tiber River There are typically two types of people that you run into early in the morning, photographers and fishermen/fisherwomen. This particular morning in Rome I was the only photographer and everyone else I encountered had fishing gear. I loved watching them cast their lines into the Tiber Riber as I set […]

Landscape Photography | Cinematic Light

Landscape Photography | Cinematic Light This photo was taken last year in Mexico! You can’t go wrong with a sandy beach, a palm tree, and a beautiful sunset! I decided to go for more of a graphic effect with the edit for this one. I used a preset from The Landscape Bundle (Extreme Collection) to […]

Landscape Photography | Desert Sundown

Landscape Photography | Desert Sundown Here’s a photo that I took in Joshua Tree, California. While exploring the park we came across this unique looking cactus. I don’t know what kind of cactus it was, but it created the perfect focal point for this shot! As the sun went down over the horizon everything began […]

HDR Photography | Streaming Light

HDR Photography | Streaming Light Sometimes I enjoy walking around a city, camera in hand with no plans what-so-ever! This photo was taken on the Champs Élysées in Paris while walking back to my hotel. I literally looked back, snapped three bracketed shots and kept on walking. I really didn’t think much of this photo […]

Creative Looks in Lightroom | Venice Morning

Creative Looks in Lightroom Venice Mornings

Creative Looks in Lightroom Creative Looks in Lightroom | Venice Morning – No matter how many times a destination is photographed, you can always put your own unique spin on the shot. Take the gondolas in St Mark’s Square for instance. I’ve seen hundreds of photos of them online, yet I’m still curious to see […]