Kodak Gold 200 Film Review

Kodak Gold 200 Film Review Cover


Kodak Gold 200 is a color-negative film that sets itself apart with its vibrant color reproduction, fine grain, and sharpness. This film is not just another option in the market, but a unique choice designed to cater to the needs of both amateur and professional photographers. Its versatility and quality make it a standout choice for various photographic applications.

Features and Benefits

Saturated Colors

Kodak Gold 200 delivers bright and colorful prints, making it an excellent choice for capturing vivid images. The film’s ability to reproduce a wide range of colors ensures that photos look lively and dynamic, perfect for everyday photography. Key Point: The film excels at producing vivid colors, enhancing the overall look of your photographs.

Fine Grain and High Sharpness

The fine-grain structure of Kodak Gold 200 is ideal for creating high-quality enlargements. It ensures that images retain their clarity and detail even when blown up. This film’s high sharpness makes it a preferred choice for photographers who seek crisp and clear images. Key Point: Perfect for enlargements and maintaining image quality during digital scanning.

Wide Exposure Latitude

One of the standout features of Kodak Gold 200 is its wide exposure latitude. This film can handle various lighting conditions, from two underexposed to three overexposed stops. This flexibility makes it easier to achieve good results without precise exposure control, which benefits both beginners and experienced photographers. Key Point: Offers versatility under various lighting conditions, providing more room for error.

Discover the vibrant colors, fine grain, and high sharpness of Kodak Gold 200 Film. Perfect for various lighting conditions, this versatile film ensures high-quality prints and easy handling. Learn about its features, benefits, and best practices in our in-depth review.

Usage Guidelines

Storage and Handling

To maintain the quality of Kodak Gold 200 film, it should be stored at 21°C (70°F) or lower in its original sealed package. Both exposed and unexposed film should be kept in a cool, dry place to prevent degradation. When handling unprocessed cinema, do so in total darkness to avoid exposure to light.

  • Tip: Always store film in a cool, dry place and handle in darkness.

Exposure Recommendations

For optimal results, Kodak Gold 200 should be used with the following exposure settings:

Lighting Conditions

 Shutter Speed

 Lens Opening

Bright Sun on Light Sand/Snow

1/250 sec


Bright Sun (Distinct Shadows)

1/250 sec


Weak Sun (Soft Shadows)

1/250 sec


Cloudy Bright (No Shadows)

1/250 sec


Heavy Overcast/Open Shade

1/250 sec


  • Tip: Use the appropriate shutter speed and aperture settings based on lighting conditions.

Flash Photography

The technical data provides guide numbers that should be used as a starting point when using electronic flash. These guide numbers help determine the correct lens opening based on the flash-to-subject distance.

Flash Output (BCPS)

Guide Number (Feet/Metres)











  • Tip: Adjust your lens opening based on the guide number and flash distance for proper exposure.


Detailed Feature Analysis

Image Quality

Kodak Gold 200 film is renowned for its rich, vibrant colors and fine grain, making it a decades-old photographer favorite. This ISO 200 film is designed for general-purpose photography, offering excellent color accuracy and saturation. Its fine grain makes it ideal for enlargements, while its warm tones and natural skin rendition have made it a staple for portrait and landscape photography.


One of Kodak Gold 200’s significant strengths is its versatility. The film can be used effectively in various lighting conditions with its wide exposure latitude. Photographers can expect reliable results when shooting in bright sunlight or under overcast skies. The film also performs well with electronic flash and can be used under different types of artificial lighting with appropriate filters.


Kodak Gold 200 is processed using KODAK FLEXICOLOR Chemicals for Process C-41. This standardized process ensures consistent results, making it easy for photographers to develop their film and achieve high-quality prints. The film is optimized for printing on KODAK EDGE Paper, KODAK ROYAL Digital Paper, KODAK Photo Book Paper, and KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Premier Paper, providing a range of options for final output.

Kodak Gold 200 Film Emulation Lightroom Preset and Profile

For photographers who love the look of Kodak Gold 200 film but prefer the convenience of digital photography, Presetpro.com offers a Kodak Gold Film Emulation Lightroom Preset and Profile. This preset mimics the vibrant colors, fine grain, and high sharpness characteristic of Kodak Gold 200, allowing photographers to achieve a similar aesthetic in their digital images.

Features of the Preset

  • Color Accuracy: The preset accurately reproduces the bright and saturated colors of Kodak Gold 200, making your digital photos look like film.
  • Fine Grain Simulation: It includes a grain simulation that mimics the fine-grain structure of Kodak Gold 200, adding a layer of authenticity to your images.
  • High Sharpness: The preset enhances the sharpness of your photos, ensuring they remain crisp and detailed, just like images taken with the film.


Kodak Gold 200 is a versatile and reliable film choice for various photographic needs. Its bright, saturated colors, fine grain, and sharpness make it ideal for everyday snapshots and more serious photography. With its wide exposure latitude and easy handling, this film ensures excellent results even under less-than-ideal conditions.
Whether you’re shooting landscapes, portraits, or candid moments, Kodak Gold 200 provides the quality and flexibility to capture stunning images. Its ease of use and consistent performance make it a valuable addition to any photographer’s toolkit.


FAQs About Kodak Gold 200

Q: What is the ISO rating of Kodak Gold 200?

A: Kodak Gold 200 has an ISO rating of 200, making it suitable for various lighting conditions.

Q: Can I use Kodak Gold 200 for indoor photography?

A: Yes, Kodak Gold 200 can be used for indoor photography, especially with electronic flash. For other types of artificial lighting, use the recommended color-correction filters.

Q: How should I store Kodak Gold 200 film?

A: Store Kodak Gold 200 film in a cool, dry place. Load and unload the film in a subdued light to prevent accidental exposure.

Q: Where can I find Lightroom presets that emulate the Kodak Gold 200 look?

A: Many photographers and preset creators offer Lightroom presets designed to emulate the look of Gold 200. Presetpro.com


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