Kodak Kodachrome 64 Film Stock Review

Kodak Kodachrome 64 Film Stock Review


Kodak Kodachrome 64 is a legendary film stock that has carved out a significant place in the history of photography. Renowned for its vibrant colors, fine grain, and exceptional sharpness, Kodachrome 64 has been the go-to choice for photographers looking to capture the world in rich, lifelike detail. Despite being discontinued, its influence continues to be felt, with many still seeking to emulate its distinctive look. This review delves into the features, benefits, and legacy of Kodachrome 64, offering insights into why this film remains an iconic choice for photographers worldwide.

Overview of Kodak Kodachrome 64

Kodak Kodachrome 64 is a color reversal film photographers have long cherished for its exceptional image quality and archival stability. Although it is designed to be processed in the K-14 process, which has been discontinued, it remains a beloved choice for many due to its unique characteristics.

Kodak Kodachrome 64 Film Stock Review

Film Features and Benefits

Extremely Fine Grain and High Sharpness

One of Kodachrome 64’s standout features is its extremely fine grain. This allows for capturing minute details with incredible clarity, making it an excellent choice for high-resolution work. The high sharpness complements this, ensuring that even the finest textures and edges are rendered precisely.

Natural Color Reproduction

Kodachrome 64 is renowned for its ability to reproduce natural colors with subtlety and nuance. This makes it particularly well-suited for outdoor, travel, and nature photography, where the true-to-life rendering of colors is paramount.

Archival Quality

Kodachrome 64 has been noted for its archival properties. Properly stored transparencies can last for many decades without significant fading, a significant advantage for photographers looking to preserve their work for future generations.

Kodak Kodachrome 64 Film Stock Review

Usage Guidelines

Handling and Storage

To maintain its quality, Kodachrome 64 should be stored in a refrigerator at 55°F (13°C) or lower in its original sealed package. It’s essential to allow the film to reach room temp before opening the package to avoid moisture condensation.

  • Load and unload film in subdued light to prevent unwanted exposure.
  • Process film as soon as possible after exposure to ensure the best results.
  • Protect transparencies from solid light and store them in a cool, dry place.

Discontinuation and Alternatives

Kodachrome film has been discontinued, and while there is no exact replacement, Kodak suggests alternatives such as Kodak Professional Ektar 100 and Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100G films. These alternatives offer high-quality color reproduction and fine grain, making them suitable substitutes for various applications.


Kodachrome 64 requires the K-14 process, which is no longer available. However, some specialized labs may offer archival processing for existing rolls. Contacting these labs to discuss processing options and associated charges is essential.

Lightroom Preset Kodachrome 64 Film Emulation

With the discontinuation of Kodachrome 64, many photographers turned to digital means to replicate its unique look. One popular method is using Lightroom presets to emulate the distinct qualities of Kodachrome 64 film.

Features of the Kodachrome 64 Lightroom Preset

  • Color Accuracy: Emulates the subtle, natural color reproduction of Kodachrome 64.
  • Grain Simulation: Adds a fine-grain effect that mimics the original film.
  • Tone and Contrast Adjustments: Adjust the image to replicate the high sharpness and tonal range of Kodachrome 64.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various photography genres, including landscapes, portraits, and street photography.


Kodak Kodachrome 64 remains a legendary film stock revered for its fine grain, sharpness, and natural color reproduction. Although it is no longer in production, its legacy endures in the countless iconic images it has helped create. For those looking for a comparable modern film, Kodak Ektar 100 and Kodak Ektachrome E100G are excellent choices that continue the tradition of high-quality color transparency films. Additionally, digital photographers can now replicate the Kodachrome 64 aesthetic using Lightroom presets, ensuring the iconic look continues to inspire.

Key Takeaways



Film Type & Speed

Color reversal film – ISO 64

Sharpness & Grain

Extremely high sharpness & fine grain

Color Reproduction

Natural colors with subtle details

Best For

Outdoor, travel, nature applications


K-14 Process (Discontinued)

Alternative Films

Kodak Ektar 100, Kodak Ektachrome E100G

FAQs About Kodak Gold 200

Q: Can Kodachrome 64 be processed in any standard film lab?

A: No, it requires the discontinued K-14 process. Specialized labs may offer processing services.

Q: What are the modern alternatives to Kodachrome 64?

A: Kodak Professional Ektar 100 and Kodak Professional Ektachrome E100G.

Q: Where can I find Lightroom presets that emulate the Kodak Kodachrome 64 look?

A: Many photographers and preset creators offer Lightroom presets designed to emulate the look of Kodachrome 64. Presetpro.com


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