​​​​​​Lightroom Brush Tutorial: The Creative Flow

​​​​​​Lightroom Brush Tutorial: The Creative Flow – Today we will be showing you how to get the most out of your brushes in Adobe Lightroom. Brushes are a great way to add extra embellishments to your photos. For this tutorial, we will be using the Preset Pro premium collection, The Creative Flow. This collection offers users […]

Lightroom Creative Edit – Detail Shots

Lightroom Creative Edit Detail Shots

Lightroom Creative Edit – Detail Shots    Today I’m going to talk about how to edit detail shots using Presetpro’s Premium Lightroom collection, The Creative Flow. I’m a writer/photographer with a style blog  Style by Clark Martin where I share my passion for interior design, travel and photography.  I use the Creative Flow when I want […]

5 Tips for Travel Photography

1. Pack Smart & Take a Phone Pic The night before your trip is an exciting time, but with so much to pack, it can be easy to forget something.  After all, you’re responsible for rounding up: camera gear, clothing, toiletries, phone charger, reading materials etc. The gear that you forgot could mean the difference […]

Lightroom Skin Softening Brush

Lightroom Skin Softening Brush: Are you a portrait or a wedding photographer who frequently edits faces? Then you know that the right brush in Adobe Lightroom can be the difference between producing a photo that your client likes and a photo that your client loves. When it comes to portrait photography, a happy client means more […]

Wedding Photography for Beginners

   Thinking about getting in to Wedding Photography? Unsure where to start? First, the right equipment goes a long way. We recommend a DSLR Camera with at least three different lenses for variety. We can’t stress this enough, lighting is key! Ensure you have proper flashes and diffusers. Being able to work in any lighting […]