Featured Lightroom Preset – Kodak Kodachrome 64 Film Emulation

Featured Lightroom Preset Kodachrome 64 Film Emulation


When it comes to digital photography, the charm of film can seem a distant memory. However, with the Kodachrome 64 Film Emulation from Presetpro’s FE Collection, photographers can revisit the classic film era with just a few clicks. This preset not only revives the distinct look of the Kodak Kodachrome 64 film but also adds a layer of nostalgia to modern photographs, thanks to its unique Lightroom profile. Let’s delve into how this preset can transform your photography work. See our Film Collection Here.

Film Characteristics

Kodak Kodachrome 64, known for its vibrant colors and fine grain, was a staple in the photography world from its introduction in 1935 until its discontinuation in 2009. Its ability to produce lush greens and radiant reds made it a favorite among professional photographers and amateurs. The film’s sharp detail and color rendition, which had almost a three-dimensional quality, were unmatched. Its archival stability means that colors in decades-old photographs have remained as vivid as when they were first developed.

Lightroom Preset Details

The Kodak Kodachrome 64 Film Emulation preset is a part of the Presetpro Film Emulation Collection, which aims to reproduce the look and feel of various analog films. This preset and profile includes:

  • Lightroom Profile: This profile was custom-crafted to emulate the color saturation and texture of Kodachrome 64 Film.
  • Ease of Use: This preset and profile offer the flexibility to tweak settings for a more personalized effect.
  • Versatility: It suits various photography styles, from landscapes to portraits, enhancing each with texture and warmth.

Lightroom Preset Kodachrome 64 Film Emulation in Lightroom Portrait of Man


The Kodak Kodachrome 64 Film Emulation Lightroom Preset by Presetpro brings back a piece of photographic history and offers a tool that enriches digital images with profound aesthetic qualities. Whether you’re a professional looking to add a vintage flair to your portfolio or an enthusiast eager to explore the textures of analog film, this preset packs everything you need to start creating stunning, timeless photographs.

FAQs About Kodachrome 64 Film Emulation

Q: How do I install the Kodak Kodachrome 64 Film Emulation preset?

A: The preset can be installed in Lightroom like any other preset. Here’s an install guide.

Q: Can I use this preset on mobile?

A: Yes, if you have the Lightroom mobile app subscription, the preset can be synced from your desktop application to your mobile for editing on the go.

Q: Does this preset work on all types of images?

A: Absolutely! The preset serves as a foundation. You can always change settings like exposure, contrast, and tone balance to suit individual images.

Q: How does this preset differ from other film emulation presets?

A: While it’s designed to be versatile, the best results are often seen with images that have good natural lighting and color variation. Experimentation is key!

Q: Where can I find Lightroom presets that emulate the Kodak Ektachrome look?

A: Many photographers and preset creators offer Lightroom presets designed to emulate the look of Kodachrome 64. These can be found on photography resource websites or digital marketplaces like Presetpro.com


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