Photography | Bay Area

Photography | Bay Area This is a photo that I took in San Francisco, California. I was hoping to capture a photo of the city skyline and the hotel that we stayed at afforded me this spectacular vantage point. The last bit of warm light was lifting for the day and I was able to […]

HDR Photography | Brooklyn Bridge Park

HDR Photography Brooklyn Bidge Park Presetpro

Brooklyn Bridge Park One of the best places to capture the Manhattan skyline is Brooklyn Bridge Park! This shot was taken at Pier 1. The old pilings add an interesting element to the foreground of the shot and the glowing lights of the city reflecting back over the water creates a stunning blue hour scene. […]

Photography | Long Shadows

Photography | Long Shadows in Joshua Tree Here’s a photo that I took at sunset in Joshua Tree National Park, California. When you’re photographing something at sunset the subject matter is constantly changing as the sun races towards the horizon. Shadows start to stretch across the scene, and the colors are always vibrant and ever-changing. […]

Landscape Photography | Green Forest


Landscape Photography | Green Forest Here’s a photo that I took while visiting the Redwoods in California. While walking through the forest I had to stop from time to time just to take everything in. There were so many little scenes that were beautifully framed by those enormous trees trunks. I was snapping photos like […]

Photography | Malibu Surf

Photography | Malibu Surf This photo was taken at El Matador Beach in Malibu, California! We only had a limited amount of time to spend in the area so we decided to take some beach shots come rain or shine. Despite the grey weather, I was able to capture some moody scenes with a tripod […]

HDR Photography | The Bridge

HDR Photography | The Bridge This is a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City. Whenever I’m in the big apple, I always make it a priority to photograph this bridge early in the morning. I find that there are endless angles and perspectives to capture. Every time I go, I find something […]

HDR Photography | Stone Waves

HDR Photography | Stone Waves This is a photo of the ceiling in Antelope Canyon, Arizona. The naturally formed shapes remind me of waves of water building up and crashing on the shore. It’s actually quite beautiful to see it in person! If you’re planning a trip to Antelope Canyon I would highly recommend taking […]

Photography | Napa Classic


Photography | Napa Classic Nothing beats some good old street photography! Especially when you find a classic car parked nearby. This photo was taken in Napa Valley California, just steps from our BnB where we were staying. When processing this image, I decided to go with a “classic look” to compliment the theme of this […]

HDR Photography | Break of Dawn

HDR Photography | Break of Dawn It was early in the morning when we arrived at Artist Point in Yellowstone National Park. It was still dark and we positioned ourselves at the perfect vantage point to capture the waterfalls. You might be asking yourself, where are these alleged falls? Well, this photograph was taken looking […]