Awe-Inspiring Photos | Heart of the Canyon

Awe-Inspiring Photos | Heart of the Canyon

Awe-Inspiring Photos | Heart of the Canyon The moment I walked into Antelope Canyon, my heart was filled with joy and awe. The dramatic setting between the sandstone walls is reminiscent of ancient ruins. Looking back at this image reminds me of how much beauty there is out in our world. To create this image […]

Landscape Photography | New Experiences

Landscape Photography | New Experiences -

Landscape Photography | New Experiences I always enjoy going back and editing photos from Antelope Canyon. The rock formations are all so varied and uniquely shaped. A quick crop can transform your shot into something entirely new. I also love diving back into the memories that go along with it. Travel opens you up to […]

Photography | Sands of Time in Antelope Canyon


Photography | Sands of Time Growing up I would get lost in my National Geographic magazines. The beautiful imagery and exotic locations can bring out anyone’s inner Indiana Jones. One thing that stood out in the pages of National Geographic was the almost three-dimensional imagery. I was a little obsessed with how these images were […]

FREE Film Emulation Preset | Photoshoot in Arizona

Model Film Shoot

Film Emulation | Photoshoot in Arizona FREE Lightroom Preset “Film Emulation” compliments of The “Film Emulation” preset is perfect for giving your photos a beautiful film look and is perfect for all types of photography! Add some interest to your images with this beautiful one-click preset. Photo location: Toadstool Trail, Arizona, United States © […]

Photography | Looking to the sky from within

Looking to the sky from within There are times in your life where you might look to external people and things to bring you joy and happiness. To fill a void that feels empty inside. Eventually, we must all come to the conclusion that happiness is an inside job. That no one but yourself can […]

Landscape Photography | The Bend


Landscape Photography | The Bend Here’s a photo that I took at Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona. Nothing prepares you for the steep drop that you experience when you first walk up to Horseshoe Bend. When you look down over the edge you feel like you’re soaring above it all. The drop is slightly unnerving, […]

HDR Photography | Stone Waves

HDR Photography | Stone Waves This is a photo of the ceiling in Antelope Canyon, Arizona. The naturally formed shapes remind me of waves of water building up and crashing on the shore. It’s actually quite beautiful to see it in person! If you’re planning a trip to Antelope Canyon I would highly recommend taking […]

Photography | Canyon of Giants

Limited Edition Fine Art Photography “Canyon of Giants" Tim Martin

Photography | Canyon of Giants I snapped this candid photo on a small private photography tour of Antelope Canyon in Arizona. I’ve been trying to add a sense of scale to my images lately and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that! If you squint a little, you’ll notice that the canyon wall […]

Photography | Endless Possibilities

Photography | Endless Possibilities This is a quick photo that I took of my wife sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon one morning a few years back. Travel is such an amazing thing, isn’t it? Experiencing new places like this gives you a rush of dopamine and an escape from your everyday life. […]