HDR Photography | Stone Waves


HDR Photography | Stone Waves This is a photo of the ceiling in Antelope Canyon, Arizona. The naturally formed shapes remind me of waves of water building up and crashing on the shore. It’s actually quite beautiful to see it in person! If you’re planning a trip to Antelope Canyon I would highly recommend taking […]

Photography | Canyon of Giants


Photography | Canyon of Giants I snapped this candid photo on a small private photography tour of Antelope Canyon in Arizona. I’ve been trying to add a sense of scale to my images lately and this was the perfect opportunity to do just that! If you squint a little, you’ll notice that the canyon wall […]

Photography | Endless Possibilities


Photography | Endless Possibilities This is a quick photo that I took of my wife sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon one morning a few years back. Travel is such an amazing thing, isn’t it? Experiencing new places like this gives you a rush of dopamine and an escape from your everyday life. […]

Landscape Photography “Stone Head”


Landscape Photography “Stone Head” This is a photo that I took of Antelope Canyon in Arizona. As I’ve mentioned before, the rock formations are formed after years of flash floods and wind storms. The walls of the canyon are warned down until they become smooth to the touch with beautiful whispy lines running through them. […]

Landscape Photography – Silent Canyon


Landscape Photography – Silent Canyon Landscape Photography – Silent Canyon. Here’s a photo that I took in Arizona, USA. While driving from The Grand Canyon to Page Arizona, we decided to stop and stretch our legs at one of the many lookout points along the highway. We walked along a dirt path and eventually came upon […]

HDR Photography – Canyon Light


HDR Photography – Canyon Light HDR Photography – Canyon Light. Here’s a photo that I took while exploring Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. When you arrive at this magical place, you are instantly overwhelmed by the scale and the height of the canyon walls. It’s quite beautiful how the rock formations seem to bend and […]

Landscape Photography – Eye of the Canyon

Landscape Photography Eye of the Canyon

Landscape Photography – Eye of the Canyon Landscape Photography – Eye of the Canyon. Here’s a photo that I took in Antelope Canyon! When visiting this location, a guide will take you through the canyon and give you a little story about each photo opportunity. They gave the various rock formations specific names, but of […]

Landscape Photography – Shapes and Shadows


Landscape Photography – Shapes and Shadows Shapes and Shadows – There is something magical about this water-carved slot canyon in Page, Arizona. Antelope Canyon is known for its amazing colors and how the light plays on the narrow sandstone walls. This area of the canyon has been highly photographed and draws a lot of tourism. If you get […]

Landscape Photography – Whimsical Wave


Landscape Photography – Whimsical Wave Whimsical Wave – This photo is a close-up of the canyon walls in Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona! While exploring the canyon, I decided to take a few close-up shots for a more abstract looking image. The walls of the canyon are sandstone and the unique lines and shapes are created by […]

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