HDR Photography | Reflection Bridge


HDR Photography | Reflection Bridge This photo was taken on the Golden Jubilee Bridge in London, England. This was supposed to be our night off from photography, but I decided to bring my camera along just in case something caught my eye. After some good times and a few drinks at a local pub, I […]

Photography | Lights Along The River

Photography-Lights-Along-The-River Presetpro.com

Photography | Lights Along The River After a long night of photographing Tower Bridge in London, I decided to take a walk along the River Thames. The lights that line the river gave off a soft glow and created this magical looking scene! I sat down on a bench and tried to enjoy myself. After […]

HDR Photography | Tower Lights


HDR Photography | Tower Lights Sometimes it can be a challenge to get the exposure and colors just right with nightscape photos! What works for me is to capture multiple images (HDR) of the same scene and merge them together in post. Personally, I like to tackle the exposure in Lightroom to get an overall […]

HDR Photography | London Reflections


HDR Photography | London Reflections This is a photo that I took on my last night in London, England. I wanted to capture the lights of the London Eye reflecting on the River Thames and decided that standing on the Hungerford Bridge was the best position to capture it. I was also able to get […]

Cityscape Photography – Binary Code


Cityscape Photography – Binary Code Cityscape Photography – Binary Code. Here’s a photo that I took in London, England. I was setting up for some night shots near City Hall when a couple decided to step into the frame. This created a happy little photography accident and I ultimately decided to keep them in the shot. This area […]

HDR Photography – Modern Architecture in London


HDR Photography – Modern Architecture in London HDR Photography Modern Architecture in London – Sometimes it’s good to look at things in a different way. That goes for life and photography. I was photographing this office building in London (near Tower Bridge) and I noticed that it had some interesting shapes. As I got closer to […]

Nightscape Photography – Electric Night


Nightscape Photography – Electric Night Electric Night – Here’s a photo that I took in London, England. Once I arrived at Tower Bridge I took about 20 minutes to soak in the atmosphere and scope out all the best vantage points. After taking my first couple of shots, I quickly got in the groove and […]

HDR Photography – Dancing Tree in London

HDR-Photography-Dancing Tree in London

HDR Photography – Dancing Tree in London Dancing Tree in London – This is a photo that I took in London, England. I was lucky enough to be in London during the summer festival last year! The streets were filled with live music and there was a festive buzz in the air. Behind the crowds […]

HDR Photography – London Light


View High-Quality Image – Here. HDR Photography – London Light Blending Light HDR Photography “London Light” Here’s a shot that I took in London, England. I had been out all day/night taking photos when I decided to bee-line it back to my hotel. (My body was aching because I had been lugging around a heavy backpack with […]