100 + Free Lightroom Presets to Download

100 + Free Lightroom Presets to Download: Looking for a round up of the best free Lightroom presets on the internet? Below we have featured 100 of the best presets and preset packages that are absolutely free to download. Presets make your life easier, whether you are a professional photographer with hundreds of photos to edit, or someone who enjoys photography as a hobby. Presets allow you to work smarter and faster, create consistency in your editing and streamline your process. We have carefully selected the best the Internet has to offer. These presets are bound to take your photographs from ordinary to incredible in one simple click.. Many of the websites we highlight below also sell larger packages. If a preset catches your eye, be sure to check out the provider’s site to see more. Start downloading and enjoy the freedom that comes with each click.

10 Free Vintage Lightroom Presets

Download 10 Free Vintage Presets! You will be amazed by this excellent collection of Vintage Presets.

10 Free Vintage Lightroom Presets

5 Free Retro Film Fades

Download 5 Free Retro Film Fade presets compliments of preepresets.com. Add depth and interest to your work. Main elements include adjustments to tone curves, split tones and vignetting.

5 FREE RETRO FILM FADES Lightroom Presets

Free Lightroom Preset “Richness”

The “Richness” Lightroom Preset Richness is perfect for adding a warm rich look to your photo!

Free Lightroom Preset Richness

Free Lightroom Preset “Reflections”

The “Reflections” preset is excellent for creating a High Dynamic Range for your photos. Includes a combo of split tones, tone curves and dynamic base settings to complete the look!

Free Lightroom Preset Reflections

2 Free Hollywood Style Lightroom Presets

Download two free presets from the Hollywood Collection. Includes: Technicolour iii and Stage ii.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.51.14 PM

Free Lightroom Presets “Grand Central”

Download this Free Lightroom Preset compliments of Presetpro. The “Grand Central” preset will give your indoor image a warm feel with enhanced colors!

Grand Central

Free Cross Processing Lightroom Preset

This free Lightroom preset gives your photos a cross-processed look. It is compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and Creative Cloud. It can works with both RAW and .jpg files.

Free Cross Processing Lightroom Preset from photographypla.net

Free Lightroom Preset “Seashell”

Download the free “Seashell” preset compliments of Presetpro. Give your photos some warmth while adding rich colors, clarity and more!


Free HDR Preset for Lightroom

Give your photos that strong and bold HDR effect. This free preset,works in Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC. It works with both RAW and .jpg files.

Free HDR Preset for Lightroom from photographypla.net

Free Lightroom Preset “Vintage Scape” 

Download this Free Lightroom Preset compliments of freepresets.com The “Vintage Scape” preset is perfect for outdoor landscape photos. 

Vintage Scape Free Lightroom Presets by Freepresets.com

Free Lightroom Presets “Clouds”

Download this Free Lightroom Preset compliments of Presetpro. The “Clouds” preset is perfect for enhancing any of your blue sky photos. Includes a combo of dynamic base settings and clarity to complete the look!


Organic Cross Processing Lightroom

This Lightroom Preset will add cross-processed color to your photos and give you more of a softer and natural feel.

Organic Cross Processing Lightroom Preset from presetsgalore.com

Free Lightroom Preset “B&W Romance 5”

b_w_romance_grande Presetsgalore

Free Lightroom Preset “Hot Dog”

Download one free preset “Hot Dog” compliments of Presetpro. This preset is perfect for creating that retro summer feel to all your photos, simply download and enjoy!


Free Lightroom Preset “Faded”

Give your photos a beautiful faded look with this free preset for lightroom. Even out your colours with one click.

Free Faded Lightroom Preset from Shutter Pulse

LT’s Breeze lightroom preset from Lady Tori

Download this breezy preset to add a soft muted look.

LT's Breeze Lightroom Preset from Lady Tori

Free Vibrant Colors HDR Lightoom Preset

This free Lightroom preset, called “Too Much Color”, is perfect for making your dull photos come to life. It adds a lot of color as well as increasing the dynamic range

Free Vibrant Colors HDR Lightroom Preset

Free Lightroom Presets from Contrastly

Contrastly Free Presets 2

Lightroom Cloud Presets from Matt K


Trey’s Free Lightroom Presets

treys-lightroom-presets-starter-pack 2

Free Lightroom Preset “Sharp Black & White”

This free Lightroom preset will give your color photos a beautiful conversion to black & white, with a strong, sharp look.

Sharp Black and White from Exposure School

Sun Flare Lightroom Preset from Nicolesy

Sun Flare Preset from Nicolesy

Free Lightroom Preset Starter Pack


Alice Preset from Preset Love.

This preset will lighten and brighten your dull photos to give you a more polished look.

Free Preset- Alice from Preset Love

Blue Sky Dream Preset by Preset Love.

Bring out the blues skies! This preset works well with landscape photography.

Blue Sky Dream from Preset Love

Free Lightroom Preset “Rough”

When you use this preset it will give you a roughed up look by adding contrast and detail.

Lightroom Preset- Rough from Polar PX

Free Lightroom Preset “Blue Tone”

If you desire a blue tone for your photo, this preset is for you.

Lightroom Preset- Blue Tone from Polar PX

Airy Tone Preset from Julia Starr

Airy Tones Preset from Julia Starr

More Free Lightroom Presets to Download!

Free Lightroom Presets

Looking for Premium Presets & Brushes?

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