Capturing the Essence of Moments: A Comprehensive Guide to Kodak Portra 800 Film

A Comprehensive Guide to Kodak Portra 800 Film

In film photography, Kodak Portra 800 is a remarkable choice for photographers who desire quality, versatility, and stunning color reproduction. This guide delves into the unique features of Kodak Portra 800, offering insights for both professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. Understanding Kodak Portra 800: Kodak Portra 800 is a high-speed color-negative film. It’s renowned for […]

Landscape Photography | Napa Valley


Landscape Photography | Napa Valley Landscape Photography | Napa Valley – While driving around Napa Valley, I came across this beautiful vineyard scene just in time for sunset. I pulled over and got straight to work setting up my tripod and prepping my camera for the shot. I decided to shoot right into the sun in order to create […]