How to Change the Crop Overlay in Lightroom

How to Change the Crop Overlay in Lightroom Cover Presetpro

Did you know that you can change the crop overlay in Lightroom? There are a few different options to choose from, including the golden spiral and the rule of thirds. In this blog post, we will show you how to change the crop overlay in Lightroom and explain the benefits of each option, including the golden spiral, golden ratio, rule of thirds, diagonal, and triangle. Let’s get started!

How to Change the Crop Overlay in Lightroom: Golden Spiral to Rule of Thirds.

  1. Open up Lightroom Classic and click on the Develop module.
  2. Next click on the crop tool located under the histogram.
  3. You should now see a grid or spiral over your image.
  4. Press “O” on your keyboard to change overlays.
  5. Press “Shift + O” to rotate overlays.

How to Change the Crop Overlay in Lightroom: Golden Spiral to Rule of Thirds

What is the Golden Ratio?

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical proportion that is often found in nature. It is also known as the Fibonacci Sequence and can be represented by the number Phi (Φ). This ratio has been used by artists and architects for centuries, as it is thought to create visually pleasing compositions. The Golden Ratio can be applied to any aspect of a photo, including the placement of subjects, the crop, and even the colors!

How to Use the Golden Ratio in Lightroom

Now that you know what the Golden Ratio is, let’s discuss how to use it in Lightroom. First, open up your photo in Lightroom and select the Crop Tool. When using the Crop Tool, you will see a grid overlay on your photo. This grid is made up of two vertical and two horizontal lines that intersect in the center of the photo. To use the Golden Ratio, simply align one of your vertical lines with an element in your photo, such as a horizon or a subject. Then, use the other vertical line to crop your photo. This will result in a composition that is pleasing to the eye and balanced!


You are now an expert on how to change the crop overlay in Lightroom Classic! Let us know if you have any questions or want more help with your photography. We’re always happy to chat about different types of presets, camera settings, and photo editing techniques. So do not hesitate to reach out for anything that will make your photos stand out online! How to Install Lightroom Classic Presets

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