Featured Lightroom Preset – Fuji Sensia 100 Film Emulation

Elderly couple in bright, colorful outfits and sunglasses, posing against a blue wall, edited with Fuji Sensia 100 Film Emulation preset for true-to-life colors.


Are you looking to add a touch of nostalgia and exceptional image quality to your photos? The Fuji Sensia 100 Film Emulation Lightroom preset is here to transform your digital images with the charm and character of the classic Fujichrome Sensia 100 analog film. This preset captures the smooth, natural colors and super-fine Sigma crystal technology of the original film and offers the convenience and flexibility of a digital workflow. Let’s explore this fantastic preset’s history and characteristics.

History of Fuji Sensia 100 Analog Film

Introduced by Fujifilm, the Fujichrome Sensia 100 quickly became a favorite among photographers for its exceptional image quality and vibrant color reproduction. Initially designed for color slides, this 100-speed film was renowned for producing true-to-life skin tones and natural renditions of delicate colors. The film’s popularity was bolstered by its super-fine Sigma crystal technology, which ensured smooth and detailed images, making it a staple for professional and amateur photographers.

Film Characteristics of the Original Analog Film

The original Fujichrome Sensia 100 film boasted several unique characteristics that set it apart:

  • Exceptional Image Quality: The film delivered high-resolution images with fine grain and excellent sharpness, making it ideal for enlargements and detailed work.
  • Smooth, Natural Colors: It provided a balanced color palette with true-to-life skin tones and vibrant yet natural hues, perfect for portraits and landscapes.
  • Super-Fine Sigma Crystal Technology: This advanced technology allowed for superior image quality with minimal noise, even in challenging lighting conditions.
  • 100-Speed Versatility: The 100-speed rating balanced sensitivity and grain, making it versatile for various shooting environments.

Lightroom Preset Details

Our Fuji Sensia 100 Film Emulation preset meticulously recreates these characteristics, bringing the magic of analog film into the digital realm. This preset captures the essence of the original film, providing:

  • Profile-Based Adjustment: This preset utilizes a profile to achieve its unique look, allowing for more precise editing.
  • Easy to Use: Apply the preset to your photo in Lightroom and fine-tune the settings to match your vision.
  • Customizable: While the preset provides a strong starting point, it offers flexibility for further adjustments to suit your style.


The Fuji Sensia 100 Film Emulation Lightroom preset is a powerful tool for photographers looking to infuse their work with the timeless beauty of analog film. With its exceptional image quality, smooth colors, and fine detail, this preset offers a versatile, easy-to-use solution for achieving stunning results. Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, this preset will elevate your photos and bring the magic of Fujichrome Sensia 100 to your digital workflow.


FAQs About Fuji Sensia 100 Film Emulation

Q: What types of photos work best with this preset?

A: This preset works well with various photos, including portraits, landscapes, and everyday snapshots, particularly those taken in natural light.

Q: Can I adjust the preset to fit my specific needs?

A: Absolutely! While the preset provides a strong starting point, you can change the settings to match your style and preferences.

Q: Is the preset compatible with both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC?

A: Our preset is compatible with both versions, ensuring flexibility regardless of your preferred editing platform.

Q: Is this preset compatible with both JPEG and RAW files?

A: Yes, this preset works well with JPEG and RAW files, though RAW files will offer more flexibility for adjustments.

Q: Is this preset part of a larger collection?

A: It is part of the Complete Lightroom Collection, which includes various other film emulation presets.

Q: Where can I find Lightroom presets that emulate the Fuji Sensia 100 look?

A: Many photographers and preset creators offer Lightroom presets designed to emulate the look of the Sensia 100. These can be found on photography resource websites or digital marketplaces like Presetpro.com


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