Featured Lightroom Preset – Agfa Portrait 160 Film Emulation

Horse galloping in a field with Agfa Portrait 160 Film Emulation effect applied in Lightroom


Imagine capturing the timeless essence of Agfa Portrait 160 film with the convenience of digital photography. Our Agfa Portrait 160 Film Emulation preset offers a seamless blend of nostalgic charm and modern technology. This preset uses a custom profile to meticulously replicate the distinct characteristics of Agfa Portrait 160 film, providing stunning, film-like results straight from your Lightroom workspace.

History of Agfa Portrait 160 Analog Film

Agfa Portrait 160 film, a beloved choice among portrait photographers, was known for its fine grain, natural skin tones, and subtle color palette. Introduced in the mid-20th century, it quickly gained a reputation for delivering soft, dreamy images that captured the moment’s essence. Whether used for professional portraits or artistic endeavors, Agfa Portrait 160 left an indelible mark on the world of analog photography.

Characteristics of Agfa Portrait 160 Analog Film

Agfa Portrait 160 film is celebrated for its unique characteristics, including:

  • Color Palette: Soft, muted colors with a warm, gentle tone, perfect for portraits.
  • Grain Structure: Fine grain that adds a subtle texture without overpowering the image.
  • Contrast and Dynamic Range: Balanced contrast with a wide dynamic range, capturing details in highlights and shadows.
  • Lighting Conditions: The best results are achieved in natural light during the golden hour when the film’s qualities genuinely shine.

Lightroom Preset Details

The Agfa Portrait Film Emulation preset digitally replicates the beloved characteristics of the original analog film. This preset offers an authentic emulation of the film’s unique features and qualities, providing users with a closer look at its specific attributes and effects.

  • Technical Specifications: Custom profile tailored to replicate Agfa Portrait 160’s color and tonal qualities.
  • Film Characteristics: Adjustments to hue, saturation, and luminance to mirror the film’s signature look.
  • Grain and Texture: Digital grain was added to emulate the film’s delicate texture.
  • Contrast and Exposure: Fine-tuned to balance contrast and dynamic range, preserving every detail.


The Agfa Portrait 160 Film Emulation preset is more than just a tool; it’s an invitation to rediscover the beauty of analog photography in the digital age. Try it out and bring the timeless charm of Agfa Portrait 160 to your Lightroom edits.


FAQs About Agfa Portrait 160 Film Emulation

Q: What types of photos work best with this preset?

A: This preset works well with various photos, including portraits, landscapes, and everyday snapshots, particularly those taken in natural light.

Q: Can I customize the preset settings?

A: You can easily adjust the preset to suit your needs and preferences.

Q: Is the preset compatible with both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC?

A: Our preset is compatible with both versions, ensuring flexibility regardless of your preferred editing platform.

Q: Will the preset work on both RAW and JPEG files?

A: While the preset is optimized for RAW files, it can also be applied to JPEGs. However, shooting in RAW is recommended for best results.
With this exceptional preset, you can incorporate the timeless beauty of Agfa Portrait 160 into your digital photos. Your editing process will become more efficient and enjoyable as you watch your images transform with that classic film charm.

Q: Is this preset part of a larger collection?

A: It is part of the Complete Lightroom Collection, which includes various other film emulation presets.

Q: Where can I find Lightroom presets that emulate the Agfa Portrait 160 look?

A: Many photographers and preset creators offer Lightroom presets designed to emulate the look of the Portrait 160. These can be found on photography resource websites or digital marketplaces like Presetpro.com


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