Landscape Photography | Warm Sunrise


Landscape Photography | Warm Sunrise I absolutely miss mornings like this. That’s why taking photos is a passion of mine, you get to reflect on exceptional moments like this one. I vividly remember watching the sun slowly highlight the black beach stones and the smell of the salty sea dancing on the breeze. It may […]

Cityscape Photography | Summer in Venice


Cityscape Photography | Summer in Venice Here’s a photo that I took in Venice, Italy. Summertime in Italy can be very very hot, especially during high noon when all of us tourists are on the loose! Luckily, the best time to shoot is during sunrise and sunset when it’s comfortably warm and the light is […]

HDR Photography | Gondola View


HDR Photography | Gondola View If you travel to Venice, Italy you’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the different photography opportunities that this city has to offer. I usually spend most of my free time scouting locations and looking for new spots. The more I explore the city, the more I find to photograph. Venice […]

HDR Photography | Along The Tiber


HDR Photography | Along The Tiber This is a photo that I took along the Tiber River in Rome. I got up early that morning to walk around the city and take a few shots of the architecture. I descended the steps to the river’s edge to gain an interesting perspective of St. Angelo Bridge. […]

HDR Photography | Venetian Vista


HDR Photography | Venetian Vista While photographing Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, this long heavy shadow that stretched along the ground caught my eye. The shadow was cast by St. Mark’s column that carries the statue of the Lion of Venice. I decided to position myself with the column blocking the sun and grabbed a […]

HDR Photography | Tiber River

HDR Photography Photo taken on the Tiber River in Rome Italy

HDR Photography | Tiber River There are typically two types of people that you run into early in the morning, photographers and fishermen/fisherwomen. This particular morning in Rome I was the only photographer and everyone else I encountered had fishing gear. I loved watching them cast their lines into the Tiber Riber as I set […]

HDR Photography | Ambience in Venice

HDR-Photography-Ambience in Venice Italy

HDR Photography | Ambience A bustling night scene is one of my favorite things to photograph! I enjoy walking around a city, camera in hand with no plans what-so-ever just waiting for the right shot to make itself known. This photo was taken in Venice, Italy! We decided to take a stroll and explore parts […]

HDR Photography | Dreaming of Venice


HDR Photography | Dreaming of Venice There is something truly magical about Venice and it’s easy to figure out why it’s such a special place. There is a jovial hustle and bustle around every corner, especially at night when the city is turned into a celebration of light and life. This image was taken very […]

HDR Photography | Evening in Venice

HDR Photography | Canal in Venice Italy - Creative Flow Lightroom Presets and Profiles

HDR Photography | Evening in Venice No matter how many times you visit Venice, there will always be something new to explore! On this particular trip, we decided to get away from the crowds and explore different parts of the city that we’ve never seen before. We discovered this picturesque little area just as the […]