FREE Film Emulation Preset | Photoshoot in Arizona

Model Film Shoot

Film Emulation | Photoshoot in Arizona FREE Lightroom Preset “Film Emulation” compliments of The “Film Emulation” preset is perfect for giving your photos a beautiful film look and is perfect for all types of photography! Add some interest to your images with this beautiful one-click preset. Photo location: Toadstool Trail, Arizona, United States © […]

Landscape Photography | Silhouettes

Landscape Photography | Silhouettes This is a photo that I took at the famous Black Sand Beach in Iceland. On this particular day, we had some extreme weather including high winds and rain, This can make a long exposure shot a little challenging. I remember standing over my camera, frozen in place for 9 seconds […]

HDR Photography | Shimmer in Venice

HDR Photography | Shimmer in Venice Nothing beats watching the boats go by on the Ponte dell’Accademia bridge in Venice, Italy. I’ve always loved photographing cities at blue hour. The warm glowing lights create the most beautiful contrast to the dark inky blue sky. In Venice, the lights reflect and almost seem to dance on […]

HDR Photography | Dancing Dolphin

HDR Photography | Dancing Dolphin This is a photo that I took a few years ago in London, England! Tower Bridge is one of those iconic structures that many people have on their photography bucket list. Since it’s so well photographed, it can be an interesting game to challenge yourself to capture it from different […]

HDR Photography | St. Lawrence Morning

HDR Photography | St. Lawrence Morning This is a photo of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City, Canada. This photo takes me all the back to 2015 and to the beginning of my journey into professional photography. My wife and I decided to take a leap of faith and embark on this crazy journey […]

HDR Photography | Rise and Shine


HDR Photography | Rise and Shine Rise and Shine. It’s a new day and a new beginning. What will you be doing with your precious time? Starting your day with a beautiful sunrise does something to your soul and gives you a great sense of calm. Set your intentions and your sights on the horizon, […]

HDR Photography | Misty River

HDR Photography | Misty River This is a photo that I took in Iceland. While driving around the island in our rented campervan, we came across this wild river flowing through the rocks just to the right of the main highway. We pulled over immediately and jumped out so that we could grab a couple […]

HDR Photography | Evening in Venice

HDR Photography | Canal in Venice Italy - Creative Flow Lightroom Presets and Profiles

HDR Photography | Evening in Venice No matter how many times you visit Venice, there will always be something new to explore! On this particular trip, we decided to get away from the crowds and explore different parts of the city that we’ve never seen before. We discovered this picturesque little area just as the […]

HDR Photography | Medici Fountain Paris

HDR Photography | Medici Fountain Paris While staying in Paris we decided to spend an afternoon at Le Jardin du Luxembourg. This beautiful little oasis is called the Medici Fountain and it’s the perfect place to grab some shade and take in the scenery. The fountain was originally constructed in the 1600s at a different […]