Free “Dynamic” Preset for Lightroom

Download the free “Dynamic” preset compliments of Presetpro. Give your photos depth, texture and a much richer blue sky. This preset includes adjustments to the blue luminance slider to reduce the brightness” out of your photo, basically you are dimming the lights on your blue colors. The highlights and whites have also been reduce and […]

Pro Collection Presets for Lightroom

Pro Collection Now Over 250 Presets. Save tons of money when you purchase all the collections in one convenient package. The Pro Collection has over 250 beautiful presets created for Lightroom 4 and 5. 1. Hollywood Collection Includes 22 Presets: Old Hollywood inspired presets for Lightroom 4 and 5. Package features 22 unique looks with rich colours and black […]

50 Free Presets for Lightroom 5

Whether you are new to Adobe Lightroom or a seasoned professional, preset are a great way to speed up your editing time and inspire creativity. Presets give you the opportunity to find your own specific style by exploring the multitude of different “themes” available to you. Presets help you choose the direction you want to take […]

Free Preset for Lightroom “Road Trip”

Download your Free Preset “Road Trip” compliments of Main elements include adjustments tone curve, split tone and vignetting to give your photo that warm Retro look. We have tones of free presets so make sure you visit us again. Shop our complete collection of presets today!