70 Beautiful Lightroom Presets


Save when you bundle Hollywood & Vintage in one convenient package. Download two of the best selling collections. Beautiful Presets for Lightroom 4-5.

Hollywood & Vintage Sample

1. Hollywood Collection Includes 22 Presets: Old Hollywood inspired presets for Lightroom 4 and 5. Package features 22 unique looks with rich colours and black and white “movie themes.”  Create your own classic film look with this amazing collection. Presets Include: Makeup i, Makeup ii, Lead Roll i, Lead Roll ii, Technicolour i, Technicolour ii, Technicolour iii, Poster i, Poster ii, Movie Star, Drive In, Lights i, Lights ii, Camera i, Camera ii, Projector, Silver Screen i, Silver Screen ii, Famous i, Famous ii, Stage i, Stage ii.

2. Vintage Collection Includes Over 50 Presets: Vintage inspired Presets for Lightroom 4 and 5. Create your own classic style with over 50 unique looks. Enjoy adding warm and rich colors to your photos that take you back in time. Presets Include: Classic i, Classic ii, Classic iii, Bronze, Dusty, Misty, Haze, Pop, Mud, Oldy,Vintage i, Vintage ii, Vintage iii, Faded i, Faded ii, Faded iii, Retro i, Retro ii, Retro iii, Process i, Process ii, Process iii, Polar i, Polar ii, Polar iii, Antique i, Antique ii, Antique iii, B&W i, B&W ii, B&W iii, Light Leak i, Light Leak ii, Light Leak iii, Light Leak iiii, Light Leak iiiii, Light Leak B&W i, Light Leak B&W ii, Edge Blur + Light Leak i, Edge Blur + Light Leak ii, Edge Blur + Light Leak iii, Edge Blur + Light Leak iiii, Edge Blur + Light Leak iiiii, Edge Blur + Light Leak B&W i, Edge Blur + Light Leak B&W ii, Frame – Black i, Frame Black ii, Frame – White i, Frame White ii.