PRO Lightroom Presets Film “Kodachrome 64”

PRO Lightroom Preset and Profile Kodachrome 64 Film Emulation

Kodachrome was once the gold standard for color film, known for its vibrant colors and Kodachrome 64 was the preferred film for nature photography. Kodachrome’s distinctive look is now available as a Lightroom Preset and Profile, Kodachrome 64. This Kodachrome 64 emulation has been carefully crafted to replicate the look of Kodachrome film, while still […]

Kodak Kodachrome 64 Film Emulation in Lightroom


Kodak Kodachrome 64 Film Kodak Kodachrome 64 film is a discontinued color reversal (slide) film that was manufactured by Eastman Kodak. It became available in 1936 and remained the most popular slide film in professional photography until being discontinued on December 30, 2009.  In recent years, with advances in digital imaging technology, it has often […]

Photography | Sands of Time in Antelope Canyon


Photography | Sands of Time Growing up I would get lost in my National Geographic magazines. The beautiful imagery and exotic locations can bring out anyone’s inner Indiana Jones. One thing that stood out in the pages of National Geographic was the almost three-dimensional imagery. I was a little obsessed with how these images were […]