30+ Film Stock Lightroom Presets to Download Now

Film Stock Lightroom Presets

Step into a world where nostalgia and timeless beauty collide as we unveil the secrets of film stock Lightroom presets. Are you ready to transform your photography with the enchanting allure of film? Prepare to embark on a journey through the captivating realm of Kodak, Fujifilm, Polaroid, and beyond. Discover how to create, customize, and master these magical presets, and elevate your images to new heights of artistic expression.

Short Summary

  • Unlock the magical power of analog photography with more than 30+ film-stock Lightroom presets.
  • Create a unique visual narrative and achieve classic vintage looks by customizing & creating your own presets
  • Transform your photos into cinematic art on the go using Lightroom Mobile!

Kodak Film Presets Collection

Behold, a selection of Adobe Lightroom presets, inspired by the iconic Kodak film stocks, to help you achieve a nostalgic and timeless look in your photography. Film presets are a way to transport your photos to the past, replicating the grain and appearance of a retro film camera to give your picture that classic, family photo album look.

Film Stock Lightroom Presets

Explore free presets to enhance your photography, such as the Kodak Ektachrome Presets, offering a timeless look that is sure to inspire. Or dare to delve into the mysterious Kodak Portra 160 Preset, a marvel of modern technology that emulates the cool hues and tempered intensity of the Portra 400 film.

Discover other Kodak Film Emulation presets and profiles, including the Kodak Gold preset, Kodachrome 64 preset and profile, Neopan 100 preset, Portra 400 preset, Ektar 100 preset, Elite 100, Portra 160 preset, and Kodak Echrome preset – all of which will bring your photos to life, reminiscent of the magic of slide films.

Unleash your creativity and evoke the spirit of classic film with these enchanting presets.

Fujifilm Preset Collection

Enter the realm of exquisite Lightroom presets, designed to bring forth the unique colors and tones of various Fujifilm stocks – perfect for outdoor and travel photography, and for achieving an authentic film look. Unearth the FujiColor preset, offering a fine grain and nostalgic film look to your images. Or uncover the Fujifilm Neopan preset, an exquisite creation that replicates the tones of the Fujifilm Neopan film, with its decadent deep browns, well-defined midtones, and fine grain.

Film Stock Lightroom Presets

Fuji Color, an alluring preset that produces a nostalgic film look with subtle magenta hues, perfect for transforming your digital images into vintage masterpieces. And do not forget the Superia 100 preset, creating warm and mild tones with deep and well-defined colors, perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to your photography. Let the captivating colors of Fujifilm presets transport your images to new dimensions.

Let the captivating colors of Fujifilm emulation presets transport your images to new dimensions.

Polaroid-Inspired Presets

Immerse yourself in the world of Polaroid-inspired presets, Lightroom creations that recreate the timeless, iconic look of Polaroid instant film, adding a vintage and dreamy aesthetic to your images. Behold the Polaroid preset collection by Presetpro.com Film Emulation, that has 300 film emulations including the essence of Polaroid film. Unlock the mysterious retro look and feel of these presets by taking an image with flash, and let the magic unfold.

Film Stock Lightroom Presets

Discover the free film preset, the Cinematic preset, which gives a retro feel to any shot with its light magenta hues. Or try the Color 600 preset, another free preset that faithfully recreates the timeless instant camera aesthetic. Don’t forget about the Polaroid Film preset. It has a cinematic vibe that fits perfectly with a Polaroid’s retro feel, and adds a hint of mystery.

Polaroid-inspired presets are the key to unlocking a vintage and dreamy world within your images.

Vintage Film Styles

Ah, vintage film styles! A timeless collection of presets, designed to capture the essence of various vintage film styles, perfect for adding a classic, retro touch to your photography. Unveil the Retro preset in the Presetpro, Film Roll Collection which lends a mysterious, faded look to an image. Or explore the Vintage Vixen preset, a free Lightroom creation that conjures a warm, retro style with a classic light and grainy look.

Film Stock Lightroom Presets

Indulge in the rich and varied world of vintage film styles and let your images tell a story steeped in history. From soft and faded to vibrant and dramatic, these film emulation presets offer a plethora of options to capture the essence of bygone eras. Embrace the allure of the past and let your photos take center stage with vintage film-style presets.

Embrace the allure of the past and let your photos take center stage with vintage film-style presets.

Cross-Processed Film Looks

Unlock the unique colors and tones of cross-processed film, adding a touch of artistic and experimental flair to your images with Cross-Processing Film Looks presets. Explore the dark secrets of the Old Gloomy Film preset, a free film preset for Lightroom that recreates the look of Lomo cameras and cross-processed photos – a sinister reminder of times gone by.

Film Stock Lightroom Presets

Or delve into the soft, warm, and deliciously cross-processed tones of the Cross Processed preset, a free Lightroom creation that mimics the look of cross-processed film, a classic look beloved by many.

Cross-processed film looks offer a unique and distinctive aesthetic, perfect for those who wish to experiment with their photography and push the boundaries of their creative expression. Embrace the unconventional and let your images stand out from the crowd with cross-processed film look presets.

Black and White Film Presets

Introducing black and white film presets, the perfect selection of monochrome presets to create timeless and dramatic images, inspired by classic black and white film stocks. Unravel the mystery of the B&W Orange Filter preset, a magical creation that converts colored images to high-contrast black and white, recreating the look of photos shot through an orange filter. Or discover the Ilford Black & White Presets pack, a pack of presets that emulate the iconic black and white film stocks produced by Ilford, to give you the perfect vintage-inspired look.

Film Stock Lightroom Presets

The B&W Infrared preset offers a dark and luminous style, simulating the captivating world of black and white infrared photography. Or dare to explore the Black & White High Contrast filter, which mimics the shadowy, monochromatic tones of early Kodak and Agfa film stocks, while also offering a touch of warm tones for a unique aesthetic.

Let the timeless beauty of black and white film presets transform your images into dramatic works of art, evoking the rich history and elegance of classic monochrome photography.

Cinematic Film Presets

Step onto the silver screen with cinematic film presets, Lightroom creations designed to give your photos a cinematic and movie-like quality, inspired by popular film stocks used in the film industry. The Chris Hau Lightroom preset pack includes a cinematic movie preset that will make your photos look like they were taken straight from the silver screen.

Film Stock Lightroom Presets

Create captivating and immersive visual narratives with cinematic film presets, and let your images transport your viewers to a world of cinematic beauty. Free cinematic presets here.

Premium Film Preset Packs

Here’s a list of high-quality, professionally designed film stock presets for Lightroom, perfect for creating a unified and genuine film look in your photography. The Premium Film Preset Packs offer a variety of styles, including the film emulation presets, designed to produce a cohesive aesthetic that is perfect for an Instagram feed or blog. Unlock the wonders of these premium film presets and elevate your photography to new heights of artistic expression.

The Film Emulation Collection Lightroom Presets and Profiles

Enhance your images with these premium film preset packs and let your photography take center stage with a consistent and authentic film look. If you are undecided on which bundle to choose, consider the Creative Flow complete collection.

Free Film Preset Resources

Introducing a compilation of free film stock Lightroom presets, offering a variety of film-inspired looks for your images, perfect for photographers on a budget or those seeking to experiment with different styles. From Kodak Ektachrome to Fujifilm, Neopan and Polaroid cinematic, these free presets provide a treasure trove of options for photographers looking to recreate the magic of analog photography without the additional cost. You can find them all at FreePresets.com

And when shooting with film stock presets in mind, remember the type of lighting, the ideal photo to use the preset on, and the overall effect of the preset. Check out these Free Lightroom Presets!

How to Install Lightroom Presets

Fear not the mysteries of installing Lightroom presets, for we shall provide a step-by-step guide on how to import and use these magical creations. Unlock Lightroom and make your way to the Presets tab, where you shall find the power to transform your images. Click the three mysterious dots at the top right of the Preset window, select ‘Import’, and choose the presets you wish to install.

Film Stock Lightroom Presets

Once these presets have been welcomed into your library, you can bestow them upon your photos by selecting the preset from the Presets tab. Let the enchanting world of film stock presets unfold before your eyes, and transform your photography with the click of a button.

Customizing Film Stock Presets

Unlock the hidden potential of film stock presets by adjusting and fine-tuning them to achieve the perfect look for your images. Employ the Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and Blacks sliders in the Develop Module to adjust the lighting of a film stock preset. Use the Grain slider to achieve the desired grain, and utilize the Temperature, Tint, Vibrance, and Saturation sliders to craft the perfect hue.

The secret to crafting your own preset lies in the Develop Module. Press the Plus button next to Presets and select the options that will make it truly yours. Remember each photo is different so it’s best to fine tune and let your creativity run wild.

Saving Your Own Film Stock Presets

Forge your own path and create custom film stock presets in Lightroom, allowing you to develop a unique and personalized film aesthetic that sets your photography apart. Adjust the settings in Lightroom suit your photo, and experiment with various combinations to create a preset that captures your artistic vision. When you have achieved the perfect look, click the “+” icon in the Presets panel and name your masterpiece accordingly.

Test and refine your Film Stock Preset by experimenting with it on various images, observing the outcome, and making any necessary adjustments in the Develop module until you are satisfied with the results.

Let your creativity shine through your custom film stock presets, and craft a truly unique visual narrative.

Using Lightroom Mobile with Film Stock Presets

Harness the power of Lightroom Mobile and sync your film stock presets, enabling you to edit your photos on-the-go with a consistent film look. To use the presets on Lightroom Mobile, simply synchronize the presets to the cloud from your desktop version of Lightroom, and watch as your photography is transformed, no matter where you are.

Whether you’re capturing the perfect shot on your travels or editing photos during your daily commute, Lightroom Mobile with film stock presets ensures your photography maintains a cohesive and authentic film look. How to video

Tips for Shooting with Film Stock Presets in Mind

To capture images that work well with film stock presets, consider the color, contrast, and grain of the film stock being emulated. Experiment with as many film stocks as possible, and remember to expose for the highlights when shooting with film stock presets in mind. Embrace the challenges and rewards of manual focusing, ensuring each shot is perfectly composed and in focus.

By keeping these tips and techniques in mind, you will enhance the overall look and feel of your photography when using film stock presets. Let your images tell a story steeped in the rich history of film, and elevate your photography to new heights of artistic expression.


In the captivating realm of film stock presets, photographers can embrace the nostalgic charm of Kodak, Fujifilm, Polaroid, vintage film styles, cross-processed film looks, black and white film stocks, and cinematic film presets. Harness the power of Lightroom, customize and create your own presets, and elevate your photography with these enchanting tools. Step into the world of film stock presets and let your images transport your viewers to a place where timeless beauty and artistic expression collide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are film stock presets?

Film stock presets offer the perfect way to add a touch of vintage charm to your digital photos, allowing you to recreate classic looks or experiment with unique and exciting visual styles.

You can use these presets to give your photos a timeless feel, or to create a modern, edgy look. With a few clicks, you can transform your photos into something truly special.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, you’re a professional photographer.

Can I use film stock presets on Lightroom Mobile?

Fortunately, it is indeed possible to bring your beloved film stock presets to Lightroom Mobile – simply sync them to the cloud from your desktop version of Lightroom, and voilà!

How do I install Lightroom presets?

It’s easy to get started with Lightroom presets – just go to the Presets tab, select the three dots at the top right, choose ‘Import’, and you’re ready to customize your images! How To Video

Once you’ve imported your presets, you can start to customize your images. You can adjust the exposure, contrast, saturation, and more to get the perfect look for your photos. You can also apply effects like vignettes, grain, and split toning to give your images a unique look.

Can I customize film stock presets?

Absolutely! Lightroom gives you the power to customize film stock presets to your own individual taste. Just use the built-in tools to adjust settings such as exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity and vibrance.

Can I create my own film stock presets?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to create your own film stock presets. With a little tinkering in Lightroom and a sharp eye for detail, you can craft the exact look you are after.


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