HDR Photography | Castle View


HDR Photography | Castle View This photo was taken at Mont Saint Michel in Normandy, France. A magical tiny little town that dates all the way back to the seventh century. Mont Saint Michel has been beautifully preserved and cared for over the years and I am so grateful that places like this still exist […]

Photography | Champs Élyéese Paris


Photography | Champs Élyéese Paris Here’s a photo that I took along the Champs Élyéese in Paris France. To capture this image I used my 70-200 lens while standing on one of the pedestrian medians. The long lens allowed me to zoom into the traffic without putting myself at risk. Post Processing & Camera Settings.  […]

Photography | Quaint Café


Photography | Quaint Café To a Parisian, this is the typical scene that you might find on any street corner in the city. But to a visitor, this is something special! Paris is one of those cities where the culture and the atmosphere invites you to take your time. You can spend hours lounging at […]

HDR Photography | Seine River at Night


HDR Photography | Seine River at Night This is a photo of the Pont au Change bridge in Paris! At night the city lights reflect over the river creating this magical moody effect. This particular night there was a wispy cluster of clouds blanketing the evening sky. The architecture in Paris is so rich in […]

HDR Photography | Cathedral Sunset


HDR Photography | Cathedral Sunset This is a photo of the streets that lay just behind Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. It’s also important to note that this photo was taken back in 2017 before the infamous fires occurred in April 2019. We experienced one of the most amazing sunsets that night and it […]

HDR Photography | Colmar France


HDR Photography | Colmar France Colmar, France is one of those beautiful little European towns that could easily be mistaken for a set of some magical fairytale! With its colourful timber houses and quaint canals, it’s definitely one of France’s hidden gems. Located near the border of Germany, Colmar has a coloured past with both […]

HDR Photography | Tranquil Dream


HDR Photography | Tranquil Dream This is Mont Saint-Michel, a beautiful island off the coast of Normandy, France! This is one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever photographed. The only thing that could top seeing this historic village at sunset would be seeing it at night! When the sun dips below the horizon you’re […]

HDR Photography | Summer Night in Paris

HDR Photography Blue Hour - Summer Night in Paris

HDR Photography | Summer Night in Paris This location offers up a picture perfect view of the Eiffel Tower, located on a quiet residential street in Paris. After photographing one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen in Paris, (See sunset here) I decided to wait around and capture the blue hour version […]

Landscape Photography | Bamboo Light


Landscape Photography | Bamboo Light Landscape Photography | Bamboo Light – I was pleasantly surprised to find a bamboo garden in Giverny, France of all places! We booked a tour of the world famous lily pond where Monet painted some of his masterpieces. Despite the crowds of people surrounding this famous pond we managed to […]