Parallel Universe | Lightroom

Parallel Universe in London

Parallel Universe Parallel Universe. While exploring the streets of London I stumbled upon a couple having an intense conversation. The buildings standing between them made for quite an intriguing perspective. It felt like life was split into two universes: one side portraying reality while the other was distorted and told a different story. To make […]

Photography | Calming Colours in Paris

Photography | Calming Colour in Paris -

Photography | Calming Colours in Paris Paris is an inspirational city for so many all around the world. If there’s anything that serves as a symbol for that inspired feeling that it instills in you, it’s the Eiffel Tower. I took this photo at Place du Trocadéro early one morning just as the sun was […]

Lightroom’s New Color Grading Tool and FREE Preset

New Color Grade Feature in Lightroom

Lightroom’s New Color Grading Tool and Free Preset Yesterday Adobe launched their new color grading tool in Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Adobe Camera RAW along with a few more handy new features. Today I’m going to be reviewing the color grading tool. If you’re familiar with Adobe Premier, Capture One, or Davinci Resolve you understand […]