Free Lightroom Preset Coastal Color

Free Lightroom Preset Coastal Color

Free Lightroom Preset Coastal Color Download this Free Lightroom Preset “Coastal Color” compliments of The “Coastal Color” preset is perfect for adding warmth and color to your landscape images! Includes a subtle split toning, tone curves and dynamic base settings. Download and Enjoy! Looking for Lightroom Presets? Upgrade to the Creative Flow and enjoy over 1000 […]

Free “English Tea” Preset for Lightroom

Download the free “English Tea” preset compliments of Presetpro. Create a subtile film fade look with your still life photography, includes a warm tone curve and a “cross processed look”. Cross Processing is a method of using one type of film in a chemical solution that was intended for a different type of film. This processed […]

Free “Palm” Preset for Lightroom

Download the free “Palm” preset compliments of Presetpro. Perfect for creating a dark vintage look, while boosting your blue, yellow and orange color! Some of the Lightroom tools used in the palm preset include… a vintage tone curve that “clips” the highlights/shadows and also “dips” to give you a slight dark fade. Also the orange, […]

50 Free Presets for Lightroom 5

Whether you are new to Adobe Lightroom or a seasoned professional, preset are a great way to speed up your editing time and inspire creativity. Presets give you the opportunity to find your own specific style by exploring the multitude of different “themes” available to you. Presets help you choose the direction you want to take […]

Free Presets “Lush Garden”

Get your Free Presets! Download the Free Lightroom Preset “Lush Garden” compliments of Main elements include split tones, sharpening and vignetting. Lush Garden gives your photos a cool tone and makes your outdoor/garden photos pop. Shop our complete collection of presets today!