Photography | Speckles on my lens

Speckles on my lens

Photography | Speckles on my lens. Driving on the north coast of Iceland, I was met with constant rain. With limited time to explore this area and a lack of sunlight during its midnight sun, my expectations for capturing memorable images were low. But then it occurred to me that despite the downpour there is […]

Photography | Travel Iceland

Travel Iceland Skogafoss

Photography | Travel Iceland. Ever since it was discovered by the Norse, Iceland has been an awe-inspiring destination. With its vast landscapes of ice and snow contrasted by volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and raw wilderness; it’s no wonder so many photographers are drawn to this island nation. Whether you’re here for a short visit or looking […]

Photography | Picturesque Sunset in Austria

Photography | Picturesque Sunset in Austria

Photography | Picturesque. As I walked around Hallstatt Austria, my shutter was always clicking. I had been photographing for hours and the sky was becoming more dramatic as the sun started to set behind the mountains. But my favorite moment came when we finally got to see this beautiful lake that is situated right in […]

NYC Skyline and Lightroom Presets | Night

NYC Skyline and Lightroom Presets | Night - Presetpro.com

NYC Skyline | Lightroom. New York City’s skyline is often captured during the day with its towering buildings and skyscrapers coming alive in all of their glory. But what about capturing the same scene at night? Capturing images of NYC’s lit-up skyline can be one way to show off this iconic city for all that […]

Parallel Universe | Lightroom

Parallel Universe in London

Parallel Universe | Lightroom. While exploring the streets of London I stumbled upon a couple having an intense conversation. The buildings standing between them made for quite an intriguing perspective. It felt like life was split into two universes: one side portraying reality while the other was distorted and told a different story. To make […]

Why the Best Lightroom Presets Matter to your Photography

Why the Best Lightroom Presets Matter to your Photography

Why the Best Lightroom Presets Matter to your Photography One of the most important aspects of photography is done in post-production. With careful editing and alterations, you can make a drab, uninspired photo into a work of art all with simple manipulations in programs like Lightroom. Lightroom, an image organizing and editing application, is used […]

Free Lightroom Preset & Profile “Ripple”


Free Lightroom Preset & Profile “Ripple” Download the Free Lightroom Preset and Profile “Ripple” compliments of Presetpro.com. The “Ripple” preset and profile will give your photos a beautiful film look and is perfect for all types of photography including portraits, landscapes, and cityscapes!  Discover the free Lightroom preset “Ripple” Free Download Here!

Photography | Chicago at Night

Chicago at Night Lightroom Presets and Profiles

Photography | Chicago at Night. Chicago is one of those cities that constantly surprises you. Just when you think you’ve seen everything it has to offer, you experience a skyline like this. The light show at night at the Buckingham Fountain is something to see. I enjoyed snapping shots while listening to the classical music […]

Photography | Arches in Alsace

Arches in Alsace Lightroom Edit

Photography | Arches in Alsace I took this photo while on a visit to a family-owned winery in the Alsace region of France. When we pulled through this arch in the driveway I immediately knew that I wanted to photograph it. There’s nothing like finding interesting shots like this while you travel. It’s thrilling to […]