Free Lightroom Preset “Milky Way”

Free Lightroom Preset “Milky Way” – Here’s a free preset that I thought all you night photographers would enjoy! Includes adjustments to saturation to enhance the milky way! i hope you enjoy this preset! Download this Free Preset from Presetpro. The “Milky Way” preset is perfect for enhancing the night sky & milkyway! Remember to […]

Free Presets “Flatiron”

Free Presets “Flatiron” – Download this Free Preset compliments of Presetpro. The “Flatiron” preset is excellent for creating a moody and interesting monocrhromatic feel to your photos. Includes a combo of dynamic base settings and tone curves to complete the look! Get 900 presets Creative Flow.  Check out our friends over at infoparrot for more free HDR […]

Bundle Three | Landscape & Extreme Presets

Bundle Three | Landscape & Extreme Presets Landscape Collection includes 20 Presets. The Landscape Collection is the prefect complement for landscape images. Includes: Clear Sailing, Aurora Borealis, Extreme Scape, Arctic Morning, Mountain Peak, The Summit, Color Scape, Titan Scape, HDR Scape, Ebb n Flow, Exploration, Slate Scape, Sand Blast, Sky Grass, Pink Cloud, Blue Mist, Crisp Wind, Camp […]