Creative in Lightroom | 2020 Video #1

Creative in Lightroom | 2020 Video #1 Welcome to our Creative in Lightroom blog series! Check out the before and after images below and don’t forget to watch our quick video demonstrating how to edit this RAW landscape image in Lightroom. Spark your creativity and bring your photos to the next level! Discover more than […]

Creative Flow | Lightroom Presets


Creative Flow | Film Emulation 2020 No1 Creative Flow | Film Emulation  – This is a photo that I took of The Sacré Coeur in Paris, France. This type of photo is perfect for demonstrating how you can achieve different film emulation looks (Fuji Film Emulation Presets) in Lightroom. Below you can watch me quickly […]

Landscape Photography | Swiss Alps

Landscape “Swiss Alps” Here’s a photo that I took while visiting Jungfraujoch, which is a beautiful mountain range in Switzerland. After taking a train ride with some breathtaking scenery, you’ll find yourself at the Jungfraujoch observatory. From there you can hike up in-between the peaks where you’ll find a spectacular view of a glacier that […]

Cityscape Photography | Windy City Rain

Cityscape “Windy City Rain” Here’s an image that I took from the John Hancock Center’s 360 observation deck in Chicago, Illinois. This is the best location to capture a bird’s eye view of the city! I made my way up the tower one gloomy evening hoping to photograph something interesting. As luck would have it, […]

Astro Photography | Singularity

Astro Photography | Singularity Astro Photography | Singularity – I’ve named this photo after the concept of Singularity. The Singularity Theory states that at the center of a black hole there is a place where all matter and gravity become infinite and the laws of physics no longer apply. The black hole sucks all matter […]

Creative Looks in Lightroom | Venice Morning

Creative Looks in Lightroom Venice Mornings

Creative Looks in Lightroom Creative Looks in Lightroom | Venice Morning – No matter how many times a destination is photographed, you can always put your own unique spin on the shot. Take the gondolas in St Mark’s Square for instance. I’ve seen hundreds of photos of them online, yet I’m still curious to see […]

Landscape Photography | Napa Valley


Landscape Photography | Napa Valley Landscape Photography | Napa Valley – While driving around Napa Valley, I came across this beautiful vineyard scene just in time for sunset. I pulled over and got straight to work setting up my tripod and prepping my camera for the shot. I decided to shoot right into the sun in order to create […]

Lightroom Film Look | San Francisco Skyline

Lightroom Film Presets This is a quick photo that I snapped in San Fransisco, California. The city has a beautifully unique layout and I wanted to capture it from a perspective that I had never seen before. As you will see in my edit video below, I set up the frame with the golden ration […]

Lightroom Film Emulation | Into the Sunset

Lightroom Film Emulation | Into the Sunset Lightroom Film Emulation | Into the Sunset – While taking photos of the Golden Gate bridge I decided to point my camera in the other direction to get a different perspective. The cliffs just beyond the bridge are beautiful in their own right and I would definitely recommend that you grab a few shots […]